Halcyon prepping Terminator, Philip K. Dick games

New rights-owner to acclaimed sci-fi franchise forms games division to bring film tie-in to "all formats" in 2009, acquires game rights to <i>Blade Runner</i> author's work.


In 2009, humanity will be only 20 years away from meeting its horrific demise at the "hands" of artificially intelligent machines. How exciting. It's also the year when Halcyon Inc. plans to release to theaters Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins, the fourth installment in the long-running sci-fi franchise, which began in 1984.

As has become the trend for high-profile action blockbusters, a game adaptation of Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins will launch in tandem with the film for "all formats, including next-generation consoles, PC, and mobile," according to The Hollywood Reporter. Details on the game and film are still sparse, but it will reportedly follow 30-year-old John Connor as he takes his first steps toward fomenting revolution in anticipation of the future war with machines.

Halcyon, which acquired the rights to the Terminator franchise in May, will be developing the game in-house under its newly formed game-division label. Peter Levin will act as interim CEO for Halcyon Games, and Cos Lazouras, former head of product development at Vin Diesel's Tigon Studios, will serve as VP of production.

"We don't want the game to be the stepchild to the film," said Halcyon cochairman Derek Anderson. "They're of equal importance, and we want both to be of the same quality and be the same compelling experience."

The Hollywood Reporter also noted that Halcyon has acquired first-look rights for projects derived from Hugo-award-winning author Philip K. Dick (Blade Runner, Paycheck). Halcyon plans to create games based on Dick's work beginning in 2010.

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