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Colorful, Trippy-Looking New PS5 Game Ultros Revealed At PlayStation Showcase

Here's what Hadoque showed off.


Hadoque revealed its upcoming game Ultros during the PlayStation Showcase. The game is a side-scroller with elements of hand-to-hand combat.

The trailer opens up with a shot of a stairway leading down, surrounded by art with various colors. As the trailer goes on, the protagonist can be seen exploring areas such as caves, tunnels, and more. All while solving puzzles and fighting various creatures.

According to a PlayStation Blog post, you'll play as a character named Ouiji who has just awoken after crashing her ship on an alien planet that's carrying an evil entity called Ultros. According to Mårten Brüggemann, the game design director at Hadoque, Ultros will be a sci-fi game "with deep lore and meta themes."

In addition, the game will have a "loop-based gameplay mechanic" and different abilities that you can unlock via a skill tree. Ultros will feature a close-combat system that'll allow you to use a variety of combos when you're fighting creatures, and when you're not fighting, you'll be able to grow various plants to help boost your character. Ultros is expected to drop sometime in 2024 on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

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