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Hades 2 Guides Hub

Survive a harrowing journey back to the underworld with the help of our Hades 2 guides hub.


Hades 2 stars Melinoe, the Princess of the Underworld. After the events of the first game, the mad titan, Chronos, has managed to take control of death's domain. Now, it's up to Melinoe to find out what has happened to her family. This leads to countless challenging encounters, where failure only means that you get to prepare for your next run. Here's our Hades 2 guides hub to aid you on your journey.

Hades 2 guides hub

Starter guides, weapons, and unlockable perks

Beginner's guide - We've got several tips to keep Melinoe alive. The deeper you delve into these dungeons, the more difficult the encounters.

Healing and maximum HP - You need to increase Melinoe's health if you want her to survive all the way to the very end of each subsequent run.

Death Defiance/extra lives - Having extra lives means you won't perish outright.

Materials and resources - You have to collect a bunch of stuff, and things can get a bit confusing.

Gear: Weapons, tools, accessories, familiars, and upgrades

How to unlock all weapons and aspects - There are five Nocturnal Arms in the game, and each one has three aspects that offer new ways to fight.

How to unlock Gathering Tools - You have tools like a pickaxe to collect minerals, a fishing rod to catch sea creatures, and even a shovel that lets you collect seeds that can be planted.

Best Arcana Cards - Arcana Cards offer passive benefits. Once unlocked, you'll be able to activate them for future attempts.

Best Keepsakes - These accessories come from characters who are willing to lend a hand.

Incantations - Obtain alchemical reagents to complete these projects.

Animal Familiars - Tame cute critters and have them aid you in battle.

Boons: Skills and abilities

Best boons from each god - This Hades 2 guide is quite comprehensive. We discuss the ideal blessings from the 12 deities in the game. We also have additional mini-guides on some of the deities that have slightly different mechanics:

Characters and romances

How to romance characters - There are dozens of characters that you meet during the course of your journey. Some even have unique interactions.

How to get more Nectar - The Nectar is the first item that you can gift to characters if you want to see additional conversations.

Progression, battles, and secrets

How to reach and survive the surface world - While Melinoe's primary objective is to bring down Chronos in the Underworld, she also learns that the Olympians need her assistance. This, eventually, leads to a convoluted process where you have to go to the surface. Oh, and there's also a curse that constantly depletes your health.

How to defeat all bosses - Ferocious foes and deadly creatures await you at the end of each region. Will you triumph over them, or will you suffer inglorious defeat? There's always next time, right?

Chaos Trials - Clear regions and eliminate bosses with a specific weapon, but there's also a unique twist.

The Oath of the Unseen: Testaments of Night - Choose from modifiers that greatly cause the difficulty to ramp up.

We'll continue to add more articles to our Hades 2 guides hub, so stay tuned.

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