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Hades 2 - Artemis Boons Guide

Meet up with Artemis and gain her blessing in Hades 2.


Hades 2 takes you on multiple treks where you meet several Olympian gods. One of them, however, is a bit hard to catch. Thankfully, if you manage to find her, you can make use of her amazing perks. Here's our guide on the best Artemis boons in Hades 2.

Hades 2: Artemis boons guide - Where to find Artemis and what are the best skills

Artemis is quite unlike her fellow Olympians. She does not have her own sigil/symbol, and you won't be able to predict when she'll show up. Still, her crit-focused abilities are worthwhile options in your runs.

Artemis random encounters

Artemis in Hades 2 tends to appear in dungeon rooms without boss encounters (i.e. main bosses or sub-bosses). The chance is completely random, but you'll know she's there whenever the screen flashes green and you get this notification: "The Hunt Is On!"

As usual, enemies will spawn, but Artemis will aid you during the fight. She'll fire arrows that deal +3,000 damage, instantly slaying most foes. You'll want to kite enemies to the outline of her projectile to make sure that she hits them.

Artemis' arrows deal a ton of damage.
Artemis' arrows deal a ton of damage.

Artemis Keepsake: White Antler

At the end of these special encounters, Artemis will greet you. Apart from an Artemis boon that you can obtain when you talk to her, you also receive the reward in that chamber.

Likewise, don't forget to give a Nectar gift to Artemis to increase your relationship with her. The first gift she receives nets you the White Antler accessory, which grants +20% critical hit chance while you're at 30% HP or below. You can learn about other items in our Keepsakes guide.

Give Artemis a gift to acquire the White Antlers accessory.
Give Artemis a gift to acquire the White Antlers accessory.

List of Artemis boons and which ones to choose

If we're talking about the best Artemis boons in Hades 2, we should consider that we can't always rely on her to show up in every run. Therefore, her abilities are only meant to complement the build that you're planning, as well as the weapon/aspect you have equipped.

  • Support Fire - Hitting with attacks or specials causes seeking arrows to fly out.
  • Easy Shot - A piercing arrow flies toward any foe damaged by your cast.
  • Lethal Snare - Foes in your casts may take critical damage from your attacks.
  • First Blood - Foes with at least 80% HP or armor may take critical damage.
  • Silver Streak - After you dash, your omega abilities deal more damage for two seconds.
  • Death Warrant - A random enemy occasionally becomes marked; if they take critical damage, the mark is reset.
  • Pressure Points - Any damage you deal might be a critical (i.e. low chance).

Among these, we suggest taking Support Fire and Pressure Points if you're using the Witch's Staff, Sister Blades (i.e. dual daggers), or Olympian powers that can hit multiple times. Although Pressure Points has a low chance of triggering a critical, you're likely to land one due to the sheer number of attacks/ability hits.

It's all about landing critical hits if you gain Artemis' blessing.
It's all about landing critical hits if you gain Artemis' blessing.

That does it for our Hades 2 Artemis boons guide. If you want to learn about the other abilities, you can check our best boons/skills guide.

Hades 2 stars Melinoe, the Princess of the Underworld. This roguelike game promises challenging encounters as you keep retrying until you can have the perfect run. If you want more tips and tactics, you can head over to our guides hub.

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