Hackers, scammers target Nintendo, Bethesda, Epic

[UPDATE] Hacking group Lulzsec released a torrent file it claimed included all of the information taken from Bethesda except for that of more than 200,000 Brink players.


The hacking trend that seems to have been ignited by the takedown of Sony's PlayStation Network in April continues with word that publishers Bethesda, Nintendo, and Epic Games have all suffered security breaches.

The Nintendo and Bethesda troubles come just days after three arrests were made in connection with Sony's online downtime and Codemasters announced its customer data was compromised. In Bethesda's case, the publisher updated its blog today with a warning to its users, notifying them their online information had been compromised.

Bethesda's online fortress was breached.
Bethesda's online fortress was breached.

According to Bethesda, a hacker group broke into the publisher's websites and grabbed user names, email address, and/or passwords. "No personal financial information or credit card data was obtained," said Bethesda, but the publisher did say users should change their passwords.

Bethesda did not name outright who it believes hacked its websites, but hacking group Lulzsec used Twitter to proclaim it was behind the effort.

"Bethesda, we broke into your site over two months ago," reads the tweet from this morning. "We've had all of your Brink users for weeks. Please fix your junk, thanks! ^_^."

Lulzsec also tweeted two demands for what Bethesda must do if it does not want the hacking group to release the data it obtained. The group said it would release the user database unless Bethesda released more info on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and would omit admin configurations from the leak if the publisher included "an official LulzSec top hat" in the game.

The House that Mario built has gone phishin'.
The House that Mario built has gone phishin'.

Nintendo Europe acknowledged its own online headaches today, as the publisher informed users of possible phishing attempts related to its website.

"We have learned of a possible phishing threat to users of the European Nintendo website, which we are currently investigating," reads a note on the company's website. "The protection of our customers is our utmost priority, and so we have taken the precaution of immediately shutting down some parts of this website until further notice."

Nintendo also assured users that it does not hold personal financial information like bank, credit card, or address specifics. In a phishing attempt, a third party tricks users into giving up personal information by convincing them they are communicating with a separate, legitimate outfit.

A third high-profile publisher to feel the pain of a breach recently was Epic Games. makers of the Gears of War franchise and under-the-hood Unreal Engine technology.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney issued a statement last week on the matter, saying Epic Games websites and forums were hacked and that the intrusion compromised email addresses and passwords. To rectify the issue Sweeney said all passwords were reset.

[UPDATE] Shortly after publication of this article, LulzSec released a torrent file it claimed included all of the information taken from Bethesda except for that of more than 200,000 Brink players.

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ha! troll hackers

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we are legion. we are many. when the government shuts down the internet. we shut down the government.

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@Angre_Leperkan we need to go vigilante on these guys! they're hacking scum who need a good ass kicking, some jail time, and for all of their computers to be confiscated and destroyed

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Now, what if their glorious plan ultimately backfires, and instead of getting fancy top hat and more information on Skyrim, instead Bethesda just refuses, and decides not to release ANYTHING on Skyrim until release? Could you imagine that? Every single Elder Scrolls fan would flip out and possibly go all vigilante of these guys.

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@parsa12 you really think that with the technology that the government has nowadays they really wouldn't be able to track them down ??? , even google can track the whole world why couldn't a multimilionaire government do the same ? i mean if a bunch of wimpy nerds can do this, what stops a government specialized in technology do the same ? they are not "stealing" the money Sony lost but still , it's a LOT of cash..the guys that were charged by that so far only got 2 years of prison that's ridiculous

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@doomsayerr Because it's impossible. They're a bunch of idiots, but they know that it's impossible for them to get caught as long as they take precautions. Unless companies can predict in which order they get hacked or employ a trusted hacker to watch their servers everyday or get some sort of real-time monitoring shield for every page in their website, it's impossible to prevent it. Even the 3rd option for companies will probably not work. But, you see, they're a bunch of morons that will slip up sometime, either when uploading something or just surfing around the internet. The only thing that I don't get is that, phishing is a form of hacking for people who don't know how to really hack, and yet Sony's intrusion wasn't the work of a simple idiot trying to be famous. Anyway, anyone by the name of "LulzSec" that pisses so many people off or take the blame for it, will be destroyed one way or another.

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You realise how serious things are getting if hackers are to start stealing personal information and actually make demands on companies? Those guys are already getting arrogant... and honestly if this keeps up there's much to lose for everybody.

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What kind of gay name is "LulzSec"

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@xxgunslingerxx Can you show me a news article online about the 360 getting hacked?

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they just try making themselves as a celebrity in hacking community. genius in hacking but lacks in attitude..

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i would try to burn that top hat if it was ingame and i bet if it was that if you tryed to sell it to a vendor it would make it so you would have to pay the vendor oney

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I wonder why didn't anyone stepped up , tracked those geeks down and beated them up to death, just hire or get a government hacker to give them a little taste of their medicine

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I think these people need to grow up, or do some research.. "Release more info on ES:V.." Well, If I have learned anything about elderscrolls, IF you get it for PC, you can mod it to do anything. If you dont get it for PC? Then you can do ALMOST anything.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Friggin geeks wanted more info on elder scrolls... losers man, all of em... They seriously should be beaten to death for their bs.

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beenTrippin, are you saying that some guy breaking into your house and stealing everything is the same thing as some guy exposing the vulnerabilities of a security system? So they released some forum usernames and passwords, big deal, it's not credit card and banking information. But it could be. They point is the people charged with the security of your personal data failed you.

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=* f*** you lulzsec

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It's a sad sad day when hackers try to black-mail companies for more information and a stupid top hat.. I mean seriously??? You guys are losers...

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I'm tired of hearing people says we should be pissed at the poor security of these companies. Hackers are theives! If someone breaks into your home and takes everything you own, is that your fault for having poor security? I think not....

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They're causing such a headache now. Are they after the whole game industry?

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They just hacked in on the website of the FBI, right?? Or was it the CIA???

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Hope they drop the soap, oh wait never mind it probably won't even matter.

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You kids just don't get it... Instead of **** about lulzsec, you should be pissed off at the companies and corporations they so easily hack, because these outfits clearly don't give a rat's ass about you personal and private information, their 'security' being so pathetic.

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Okay the sony thing was interesting(still rep ps3),but this is kinda getting out of hand.

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Bright side of all this hackfest, we now know that 90% of game companies doesnt really care about their security since they are getting hacked too easy...this companies shouldnt show them their bravery and fight them like Sony did we all saw hot it ended, but instead they should just shut up and focus on improving their dumb security. And im not going to believe a single word what this companies have to say from now on.

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Serious? Such a waste of time.. Hackers are so pointless.

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These people are morons, all they care bout is being known hopefully the cops can find em and give them the attention they deserve.

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I have a great idea why don't we turn off the internet. LMAO right like that's possible.

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How about you hack college students accounts and lower their debt to zero, that would be a great use of your skills.

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Hey people hack the International Monetary Fund or something!

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Oh come on. The last thing we need is beth getting distracted by hackers while they are working on Skyrim. Damn digital terrorists..

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The guys involved with Lulzsec waste their talents on such nonsense.

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ok simple words and letter if lulzsec is reading this please follow this procedure 1.get a knife from your mom's kitchen 2.stab yourself with the knife 3.you will die and buried on dirt 4.you will burn in hell thats all thank you add me :l

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I´ll tell you one thing. Nobody can deny those guys are genius. If they could break into such powerful companies, they can break into any of our computers. So maybe it would be better to show some respect and stop talking s* about them. And by the way... if we don´t know how to hack into Bethesda... no wonder we can´t figure out why they did it or what the info is for either. We just can just listen to Bethesda´s statements like lamps. Our brains can´t go any further than that.

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it won't be long before all the big gaming companies band together and hunt down these hackers. To be honest the fact that Lulzsec hacks all these companies is not anything special. If someone was motivated enough then they could spend a few weeks trying to hack them on their own with the same success. It only requires minimal talent, it all comes down to effort, and if they're willing to put effort into giving themselves a bad name and receiving a hefty punisment then fine. The world will be a better place afterwards.

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Hackers, please just die and burn in hell. Thank you.

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@VenkmanPHD I don't really think there is one. A bully pushes around kids cause they wants, I don't think they have other agendas. And the demands definitely back this claim up. They hack into a high-profile gaming company cause they wanted more information? I mean... if your already hacking into the company, I'm pretty sure you can DL the pre-alpha builds and find out all you need to know. Secondly they want in-game top hats... These rediculous demands only serve to point out that they are simplying doing this for the "lulz" (I know bad pun...)

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Apparently LulzSac really likes Brink...and top hats. Somebody has been spending waaaaaay too much time in mommy and daddy's basement.

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@venkman They do it for the self esteem. Sad I know.

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Ok, sony's attack at least made sense. They had pissed off people in the wrong group... What is the point of randomly distributing bethesda's information on it's customers? Seriously WHAT DOES THIS ACCOMPLISH? You don't make money off torrents. As far as I know, bethesda and nintendo have not done anything. If it is not money or revenge WHAT IS THE POINT!?!

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What cowards, I am a huge nerd who plays RPG's and loves Game of Thrones but there is another type of nerd. Ones that will never get over high school. Your not fooling anyone no matter how many gutless cyber crimes you commit. Does anyone else want to meet this cowards face to face as much as me?

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i better not be roaming skyrim 4 months from now and come across someone wearing a "lulzsec" tophat. :D

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They'll eventually 'hack' the wrong company and get destroyed by the law.

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pliz dont mess with epic games

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Sooner or later theyll attract the wrong attention. If many of them arent already under surveillance now. Its like the teenager who always starts fights on the internet. Its funny until one day a large angry bald man shows up at his front door.

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bored of this

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Those hackers are just trying to ruin the compagnies. But their not realizing that millionz of ppl in the world are being affected by all the BS their causing. i hope their happy =_=