Hacker targets Xbox Live director

Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb has online account hijacked through Xbox.com as part of underground group's publicity bid.

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Xbox Live director of programming Larry Hryb has for some time now been the face of Microsoft's online platform for the Xbox 360, thanks in large part to his Major Nelson persona. Unfortunately, Xbox Live's figurehead saw his gamertag defaced over the weekend after a hacker was able to log into Hryb's account.

As documented in a profanity-laced online video shot by the individual in question, Major Nelson's gamertag was hijacked through Xbox.com. The video indicates that the gamertag usurper achieved full access to Hryb's online information, revealing a handful of personal details, Microsoft points currency, and friends lists in the process. In the video, the hacker offers to perform similar services for anyone willing to pay $60.

The man behind the mouse isn't Major Nelson.
The man behind the mouse isn't Major Nelson.

In a post to his Twitter feed, Xbox Live director of policy and enforcement Stephen Toulouse confirmed that Hryb's account had been compromised. After Microsoft reclaimed Hryb's gamertag early this morning, Toulouse said through his Twitter account that the publisher was investigating the situation and would report back with additional details as they become available.

"Looks like this was very specific and very targeted to Major. I'll look into the details and report back later," Toulouse wrote.

Microsoft had not responded to requests for comment on the situation as of press time.

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