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Guy Who Bought Leaked No Man's Sky Copy Reaches Center of Galaxy

But has he really "beaten" the game?


Last week, a guy who goes by the username "Daymeeuhn" gained a lot of attention for buying a leaked copy of No Man's Sky for a very large sum of money. He posted a few videos of gameplay before they were taken down, and he has been providing periodic impressions of the game over the past few days. Recently, he shared that he had reached the center of the galaxy--meaning he's arguably "beat" the game.

In a long post on Reddit (warning: spoilers), Daymeeuhn revealed that he has already accomplished the overarching goal of the game, and it took him around 30 hours. Considering that developer Hello Games has said before that it would take between 40 and 100 hours to reach the center, some fans are worried and confused.

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However, Daymeeuhn also made it clear that this doesn't necessarily mean he's finished the game, just that he's reached the center. There's apparently still a lot to do in No Man's Sky, from upgrading your ship to just exploring planets for fun.

In addition, he explained that while he didn't use exploits to get to the center, he did deliberately cut down his time to get there by continually acquiring and selling an in-game item that gave him a large profit. This allowed him to very quickly upgrade his warp drive, faster than most players would otherwise be able to do. To a certain extent he "mainlined" the game--although he also states that he spent some time off the direct path toward the center.

No Man's Sky has had a huge amount of hype surrounding it since its announcement a few years ago, and it's not surprising that Daymeeuhn's impressions have caused a bit of disappointment among fans. But, as this image by Reddit user disc_ humorously explains, it's likely that there will be disappointment at first, followed by gradual acceptance and enjoyment of the game.

No Man's Sky officially launches next week, on August 9, for PS4 and PC. In the meantime, you can read our recent feature "Making Sense of No Man's Sky's Massive Universe" and watch our video detailing all the different things you can do in the game.

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