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Guy Spends $22,500 on Star Citizen, Has No Regrets

"I've got a Pokémon complex. I have to have them all. They put it out there, I buy it."

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How much have you spent on Star Citizen? I'd be willing to be that it's not more than 39-year-old IT professional Wulf Knight. As revealed in an excellent, wide-ranging Wired story about Star Citizen, Knight says that his total investment in the in-development PC space game so far is $22,501.

Knight has purchased a variety of Star Citizen ships, and was one of the 200 people who bought a $2,500 Javelin Destroyer. He also spent $10,000 on the Wing Commander package, a special bundle that comes with 44 ships and access to Star Citizen's in-game "1 Million Mile High Club" VIP lounge.

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“I've got a Pokémon complex," Knight told Wired. “I have to have them all. They put it out there, I buy it."

According to Wired, the average Star Citizen supporter has contributed $96 to the game.

Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games has extended special perks to Knight for his incredible investment, including the chance to play the game with its creator, Chris Roberts. However, Knight has always declined. “He has better things to do," Knight said.

You might think that Knight would be feeling some level of buyer's remorse over spending so much on virtual items. But he has no regrets.

“I'm a professional, I'm married to a professional, and I have no debts, so I have resources to put into my hobby," he said. “You could spend this much restoring a car. I know people who have $3,000 paintball markers."

Also in the story, Knight reveals that Roberts' most famous game, Wing Commander, was a formative experience for him, teaching him important professional skills.

“Chris Roberts launched so many IT careers, it isn't even funny," Knight remarked. "And now, after 10 years, he's making another space sim? It's like Tolkien coming back from the dead!"

Star Citizen is the most successful crowdfunded project of any kind in history. To date, the game has raised more than $77 million from 859,000+ total backers.

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