Guy Jumps Out of Airplane, Plays Video Games on the Way Down

It's a marketing stunt, of course.


Nvidia is going all out to promote its latest product. To hype the launch of a new Nvidia Shield Android device this week, Nvidia commissioned professional skydiver Jeff Provenzano to jump out of an airplane and play video games as he descended to the earth from 10,000 feet.

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He drops out of the airplane with a complete living room set up, which he is attached to. At the right time, he ejects from the couch and the living room falls to the ground, breaking up on impact. Provenzano (and a cat) land safely on the ground and all is well.

The cat probably didn't actually skydive, and Nvidia notes that "no animals were harmed" in the filming.

This stunt was conducted to promote the new Nvidia Shield Android TV box, which is on sale now for $200. You can read more about the device at Nvidia's website.

In other news about over-the-top video game marketing stunts, Microsoft recently threw snow at people to promote Rise of the Tomb Raider.

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