Gunstar Super Heroes save the day on GBA

Sega ships long-awaited sequel to Treasure's iconic 2D action shooter; lead characters return to once again defeat evil empire.


Treasure's 1993 game Gunstar Heroes is something of a touchstone for hardcore fans of fast and frantic 2D shooters. Considering Treasure's track record with sequels (it almost never makes them), many fans had understandably written off all hope of a second Gunstar game. The patient few who held out hope are rewarded today, as Sega has announced that Gunstar Super Heroes is on its way to retailers nationwide.

Following the original game's epic battle on the moon, where the villain was dispatched in a mighty explosion, four moons were created around Earth. As time passed, life returned to normal, and the people of Earth colonized the moons. A golden era of prosperity set in until the appearance of a fifth moon in the skies above Earth. The man-made creation is the product of an evil empire bent on reviving the God of Ruin. The key to its plans is a recently discovered artifact, which the Gunstar Super Heroes must protect.

Regardless of the story, the gameplay still revolves around running and gunning. Many of the familiar weapons of the original Gunstar Heroes return, as do the original's trademark imposing boss characters. In a borderline blasphemous nod to the less-hardcore gaming audience, Treasure also included variable difficulty levels and a save system.

Gunstar Super Heroes is rated E10+ for Everyone 10 and Older, and it retails for $29.95. It was also named as GameSpot's Best Game Boy Advance Game at E3 2005. Check back soon for GameSpot's full review to see if it lives up to that billing.

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