Gundam Wing: The Battle Master

Bandai is cashing in on the popularity of the Gundam Wing series with a new fighting game, but it's likely that only diehard fans of the series will really appreciate it.


Anime is getting more popular by the minute in America, and thanks to recent release on American television, Gundam Wing is no exception. That will help provide an audience for Gundam Wing: The Battle Master, a fighting game based on the new series.

The Battle Master is indeed a fighting game, but the controllable characters are not humans, but mecha. Special moves of course utilize the powers of these mecha, although they are functionally equivalent to the moves found in standard fighters.

Real fighting fans will almost certainly want to look elsewhere, because The Battle Master's gameplay doesn't quite stack up to established fighting models like Capcom's or SNK's. The control is sluggish, and a few minutes of playing revealed very little technique. One gets the impression after playing The Battle Master that the game was created with the Gundam fan, not the fighting aficionado, in mind.

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