Gundam Memories flies off in June

Action game based on famous mecha anime to feature Mobile Suit-switching gameplay.


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Gundam Memories: Tatakai no Kioku

As far as mecha-focused animes and their inevitable video game adaptations go, one can always count on Namco Bandai to make a yearly contribution via the Mobile Suit Gundam series. Namco Bandai Games recently announced the latest game in the long-running franchise: Gundam Memories: Tatakai no Kioku.

The PSP third-person action game will introduce the new mobile suit shift system mechanic, where players control three mobile suits and can switch between them while in battle. A mobile suit can store up to four bars which are used for special trigger abilities. Using one bar boosts a mobile suit's attack and speed temporarily, while using two bars enables a quick-time event attack that deals big damage. Using three bars enables all three mobile suits to enter battle for a combined attack.

Relive all your favorite Gundam moments while you're on the go. Again.
Relive all your favorite Gundam moments while you're on the go. Again.

The action game will have two different modes: Situation mode and Mission mode. The former is a retelling of Mobile Suit Gundam stories from the Gundam 00, Gundam U.C., and Gundam Seed Destiny timelines, and gamers will reenact famous robot battles from throughout the series. The latter mode presents gamers with new missions, and they can choose their custom team of three mobile suits to complete them.

Gundam Memories: Tatakai no Kioku is slated for June 23. For GameSpot's coverage on the last Gundam game, head here.

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