Gundam EXTREME Vs. to invade PS3 this December

Port of arcade game to also be playable at this year's Tokyo Game Show.


With the popularity of the Gundam series always high, gamers can expect different video game takes on the mecha franchise. Publisher Namco Bandai recently revealed to Famitsu that the PlayStation 3 version of the arcade game Gundam EXTREME Vs. will be hitting Japan shelves on December 1. The game will retail at 8,380 yen ($109).

According to a Famitsu interview with game director Tetsuya Akatsuka and producer Yoshitaka Goto, the PS3 version will be based on the latest build of the arcade title. New features include an online network mode, a practice mode to test out a mecha's move set, the game's fighting system, and a BGM edit mode that lets fans use custom soundtracks from their PS3 consoles.

Take your mecha for a spin…to the EXTREME! (image credit:
Take your mecha for a spin…to the EXTREME! (image credit:

Akatsuka and Goto also mentioned that the latest PS3 build will be playable in this year's Tokyo Game Show. In addition, Namco Bandai will be holding a Gundam EXTREME Vs. arcade tournament at the show.

Developed by Capcom, the fighting game made its debut in the arcades last year on September 28. The game features different kinds of Gundam mechas to control from the first Mobile Suit Gundam series right down to the latest SEED entries. The game's fighting system features the extreme action move where players can cancel an action using an evasive maneuver like a step cancel or a dash.

Players can also use the extreme burst skill to boost up their Gundam mid-battle provided that their EX burst gauge is over half full. Stay tuned for GameSpot's upcoming coverage on the PS3 version at this year's TGS.

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