Gun Game is back in Call of Duty: Ghosts

Popular Gun Game mode makes a return in latest Call of Duty: Ghosts title update.

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One of Call of Duty's most popular spin-off modes, Gun Game, is now in Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Gun Game was originally included in 2009's Call of Duty: Black Ops, and was itself based off a popular (and long-running) Counter-Strike mod. Players spawn with a pistol, and with each kill cycle through the next in a list of weapons. The first player to notch up 20 kills is the winner.

The mode returns to Call of Duty: Ghosts at the expense of Heavy Duty, a playlist that was added at the end of 2013 and gave players additional health. Heavy Duty can still be played in a Private Match, but its playlist has now been retired. Hunted FFA, a free-for-all variant of the current Hunted mode, has also been added.

Gun Game returns in the latest title update for the game, which is now live on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC, and also prepares the game for the Onslaught DLC. The update will reach PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 tomorrow.

The title update also includes a bevy of eSports updates, new Prestige ranks in Extinction mode, and adjusted reload times for the L115 and USR.

The patch notes in full:


  • Killstreak count maintained across rounds in Search and Destroy, Search and Rescue and Blitz.
  • Shorten countdown timer for Clan v Clan playlist.
  • Extinction alien balance adjustments.

New Features

  • PLAYLIST UPDATE: Gun Game replacing Heavy Duty.
  • PLAYLIST UPDATE: Adding Hunted FFA.
  • PLAYLIST UPDATE: Add eSports Rules to Clan v Clan (except friendly fire), and 1-4 persons can join.
  • Added Heavy Duty health options to Private Match.
  • IED damage adjustment based on player stance and IED location (for damage reduction: jump over IEDs below you, go prone for overhead IEDs).
  • Added Operation progress bar to the After Action Report that pops up after MP matches.
  • New MP lobby menu music.
  • Social feed addition.
  • New stick layout options for Southpaw.
  • Disable party chat in Search and Rescue, Search and Destroy and Infected.
  • Added 5 new Prestige Ranks to Extinction.
  • Customization for player appearances (Create a Soldier) added to Extinction.


  • Fixed Sniper animation issue that could break the viewmodel.
  • Load time improvements for Flooded, Strikezone, Warhawk.
  • Fixed a couple bots related performance issues.
  • Fixed loss of functionality issue that would occur when two crates were stacked if player attempted to capture bottom crate.
  • In Private match, disable “Start Match” if party members are missing selected map.
  • Fixed rare case of incorrect bot display amount in Private match.
  • Various spawn improvements.


  • Prevent players from using more loadouts than normal.
  • Block users from sharing camos and reticles that aren’t previously unlocked.
  • Anti-cheat prevention improvements.

Weapon / Perk Balance

  • Dead Silence/Amplify Adjustment - Dead Silence completely silent including equipment, sliding, and footsteps. Amplify users can still hear a scaled down version of the footsteps and sliding sounds.
  • Slight AK12 Increase on view kick.
  • Adjusted reload times on L115 and USR.
  • Reduce burst fire cool down of MSBS.


  • Removed stalls caused by the host changing loadout in eSports games.
  • Silent plant, silent defuse in Search and Destroy.
  • Added killstreak count to eSports scoreboard.
  • Improvements to MLG Broadcast mode for highlighted players.
  • Added Domination flag capture bar to Broadcast mode.
  • Added R3 to toggle enemy player outlines in Broadcast mode.
  • Prevent eSports players (except COD Caster) from switching to 3rd Person Spectate cam.
  • Added ability to select players when mini-map is enlarged in eSports.
  • Fixed FOV issue that occurred in Broadcast mode.
  • Fixed functionality issue that occurred if both thumbsticks were pressed while spectating a mantling player.
  • Fixed issue which kept eSports rules enabled after losing internet connection.
  • Add notification when spectated player gets a kill in Broadcast mode.
  • Fixed text overlap bug that occurred when mini-map was enlarged.
  • Better team identification in the MLG hud.
  • Fixed killfeed color bug that occurred for spectators.
  • Prevent crashes when COD Caster changed teams quickly.
  • Restrict Ghillie Suits when eSports rules enabled (replaces with different game models).
  • Fixed a Broadcaster Mode bug where the preset camera indicator wasn't getting reset between rounds.
  • Add a kill feed to Broadcaster mode.
  • Added team names to in-game scoreboard for Broadcast mode.
  • Restrict Tracker Sights in eSports rules.
  • Restrict Danger Close in eSports rules.
  • Additional Broadcast mode fixes (better team identification in the HUD, simplified Scoreboard toggle, etc).
  • Additional eSports fixes.

Additional Fixes

  • Adjusted difficulty of slide based operations.
  • Reduced lean, point blank & rescue reticle challenge requirements.
  • Search and Destroy bomb plant and defuse timers no longer wait for the weapon swap before starting.
  • Fixed matchmaking issue in Squads.
  • Display new icon in Operations when re-rolling Operations.
  • Fixed rare cases of losing Sentry Gun killstreak when killed while placing.
  • Menu fix for Operations.
  • Fixed bug that would show improper time value in match countdown timer.
  • Maniac, Juggernaut Recon and the Michael Myers are invisible to tracker and thermal sights.
  • Fixing bug where the playercards in Squad Reports were only updated if you went into the friends list or squad mode first.
  • Defaults loadouts correctly reflect the actual loadout in Private match.
  • Free For All scoreboard adjustment.
  • Fixed Trinity Rocket cancellation issue.
  • MP Lobby improvement for Character Display.
  • Combat Knife stats accuracy improvement.
  • Fixed friends list shuffle that would occur for clans that had members across platforms.
  • Killcam no longer goes underground on Warhawk.
  • Improved audio ambient system in Multiplayer.
  • Fixed Squads issue that would change mode icon when playing with a split screen guest.
  • Fixed core playlist selection reset issue.
  • Private match loadout bug fix.
  • Additional customization options added for Infected in Private match.
  • Improvements to Infected game mode.
  • Optimization to generic UI elements.
  • Fixed issue that could occur when squad member had specialist set as streak reward.
  • Fixed minor VFX issue.
  • Fixed under water killstreak exploit.
  • Increased XP earned from completed Operations.
  • Fixed issue that occurred when leader would leave clan.
  • Fixed Bromance Clan Op issue.
  • Fixed viewmodel loss issue in Safeguard.
  • Fixed rare challenges issue in Safeguard.


  • Fixed issue where some achievements could not be earned when moving from current generation to next generation platforms.
  • Optimized some FX to improve game stability and performance.
  • Fixed Trinity rocket issue where black/white overlay would remain on screen.
  • Fixed Trinity rocket issue where laptop could not be put away.
  • Improvements to the "Leper" challenge so that it appears closer to players.
  • Added "COD Account" selection to the Extinction menu to improve account linking for Extinction players.
  • Fixed bug where the "Death Machine" could obtain specialty ammunition.
  • Fixed issue where players defaulted to pistol after revival.
  • Fixed issue with accepting invites from custom Extinction matches where players would lose menu focus.
  • Fixed issue where double XP was not resetting when going into solo, custom or split screen lobbies.
  • Added a double XP icon to the Extinction lobby for when double XP is active.
  • Fixed trophy issues where players could not plant any more trophies even though it had not been depleted after throwing a hypno-knife.
  • Fixed issue where Feral Instincts would not default back to normal view after it depleted.
  • Added the rank and icon to the Extinction end game scoreboard.
  • Fixed issue where challenge timer would not appear when joining a game while a challenge is active.
  • Fixed issue where Relic bonus was not appearing in the end game scoreboard.
  • Balancing tweaks to the Sentry Gun and Death Machine abilities.
  • Added ranks to the in game splash notification message when a player ranks up.
  • Added player Patches to splash notifications for deployment items.
  • The Riotshield icon now tracks ammo while the shield is stowed.
  • Fixed issue where players would have no weapon on ladders.
  • Fixed issue where players would lose their weapon after getting off a ladder.

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Actually it was 2010...

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i was wondering what multiplayer they would do with the fish AI that was so amazing ?

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Blackops 1 came out in 2010...

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I was about to say something about how this is a counter strike mod first and foremost, until I decided to go ahead and read the article first.

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The only reason why I care is because there will be more knifing gun game reactions on youtube. You console gamers really flip your shit when someone stabs you.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> The only reason why I ever played Gun Game

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This and the re-hash map of Scrapyard from MW2 are further evidence that Call of Duty's developers have run out of ideas for the game.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> The more maps they take from MW2 the better. Those maps were perfect.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> People like gun game and scrapyard. Lets see your ideas mr. know it all.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>Then they should save them £50+ and get Black Ops and MW2 from CEX for dirt cheap, that would be the most sensible thing to do.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> They do have that, just only on next gen and PC. With Ghost's updated graphics, it just wasn't possible to have Ground War with 18 players on PS3 and Xbox 360 and have it running at 60FPS. Even though the graphics don't really look any better I guess the game just became more demanding.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>That's the reason why? They couldn't seriously find a way? That sucks.

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How about fixing this new updated so it can let me play me game instead of me just see a black screen the whole time

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Is you screen going black and not loading past the picture of the ghost??

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I have the same problem. On Xbox1

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@wallacom @tzolynski @smoke1125 I did too. Try unplugging your console for a few minutes then plug it back in... should work. I thought it was a corrupted file or something but after re installing it it still froze right there but that worked for me bro has worked great since.

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how about fixing these:

-can't find/download my Simon "Ghost" Riley mask which I got the code from for pre-ordering hardened edition for the PS4 (however I can download it on my PS3)

-Free fall doesnt work (loading shows a hideous grid then goes back to the menu with error message)

-LET ME SEE MY PING U BASTARDS!! i live in the middle east, people who own PS4s here are much fewer so i need to know my ping to know whether im lagging or not.... I don't want to find out after I die 5 times in a row >.<

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"New MP lobby menu music."

maaaan i can't believe they will change the music xD this is the first cod mp music that I didn't like.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Just my thoughts too! I sometimes don't bother muting my TV when I switch my attention to PC because I don't mind having that music rolling in the background

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Black ops came out in 2010 not 2009.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I cant even tell anymore considering how they spit out the same game every year.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Actually, it came out in 2007.

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How gives a flying fff. Biggest waste of money I ever spent. I can't even sell it since it's a digital download. Will never spend my money again on this pos

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<< LINK REMOVED >> You can get a refund, MS offered me a refund on a digital BF4 before i told them I bought it retail, id imagine sony will have had their fair share or complaints too.After about 2 conversations on online chat and a router reset MS gave me a case ref number to take to the retailer, got a refund and "bang the dirt is gone"

Of course I bought Ghosts, cause you gotta scratch that itch of competitive multi-player, especially in early console life when games are fewer.

I don't think I'm objective when recommending Ghosts, BF4 was so shit any game would look better next to it so I'm definitely not objective

What I am saying is get a refund for BF4, buy Ghosts and you will enjoy it and the smug feeling you'll have that EA didn't get your £54 (XB1 Digital price), they lost it to a direct rival.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> another good reason why digital sucks

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I bought and played BF4 and I sort of feel the same. these two devs have descended to making such garbage. I'm sorry I bought it really. These are over priced shooters and will never buy them again either. Their time has passed.

And how GS can give these games 8/10 is mind boggling.

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Eh. I could care less about new game modes, frankly. My number one issue with Ghosts is how Activision shrugs off hacks and cheats in MP. It is not uncommon to run into someone using Aimbot or Wallhack. This is probably the biggest attraction to Titanfall...a clean slate without cheats and hacks (probably for several months at least).

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<< LINK REMOVED >> You're just making excuses. I've played this game quite a bit and have not seen one person using an aimbot or wallhack.

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piece of shite game

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Blog it.

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I love how I paid $15 for 4 fuckin maps and I can't play them in S&R. Good job IW, you just lost a loyal patron

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<< LINK REMOVED >> They are in the Search and Rescue rotation.

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Warning fun not included. Gun game is the first thing they've done that makes this game sound like it has potential to be enjoyable. Gun game was great in BO1. Do they have to get all of their ideas from Treyarch? The horrible perk system, faux zombies, just some of the ideas.

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bring back Headquarters and Demolition you stupid fools

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Awesome! Gun Game was my favorite.

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That's some solid copy-pasting there, IW. Keep up the great work!

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I hated gungame in COD & Bf3

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Select "Gun Game", press Ctrl + C, select "Heavy Duty", press delete, press Ctrl + V.


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<< LINK REMOVED >> How impressive.