Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock confirmed, detailed

Neversoft's battle-worn rhythm franchise to heavily emphasize axe-shredding gameplay, Gene Simmons narrating story mode.


Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

Earlier this week, it appeared as if retailers had shredded out the opening chords of Activision's latest rhythm game, listing stand-alone and bundled versions of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii. It hasn't taken long for official confirmation of Neversoft's next effort to come, courtesy of Nintendo Power magazine.

The Beast rocks with…the Pig?
The Beast rocks with…the Pig?

While Sega's just-announced Sonic Colors has taken the cover of Nintendo Power, the magazine's online site has posted an image for the first two pages of a feature story on Warriors of Rock. According to Neversoft project lead Brian Bright, though little has changed as far as the standard note-matching gameplay, Warriors of Rock will return to the emphasis of the series to rock and roll.

"All of the cool features and things we did in GH5--the level of polish--[are] still there," he told the magazine. "Party Play still exists. The ability to play with any instrument combination--all that stuff is still in the game. But what we strove do here is handpick all the songs…So many more people play Guitar Hero on guitar than any other instrument. We wanted to focus first and foremost on shredding kind of rock."

Bright also briefly discussed the game's story mode, which will be narrated by KISS frontman Gene Simmons, as the prodigiously tongued singer previously confirmed. The storyline will apparently center upon the Beast and the demigod of rock.

"The Beast defeats the demigod of rock, and the demigod of rock is entombed in stone, and his legendary guitar is banished," Bright said. "[The guitar] is the source of his power. And so you are going through and assembling an army of warriors to be able to defeat the Beast. Along the way, you'll have to recover the legendary guitar, but in the end, you're defeating the Beast."

Nintendo Power also noted that the Wii edition, which is in development at Vicarious Visions, will exclusively feature three "Roadie modes," all of which integrate with the DS. In Roadie Set List Manager, gamers can build a custom setlist on the DS. In Roadie Quickplay+ and Roadie Battle modes, DS gamers will be able to assist Wii players by contributing beneficial and detrimental effects to their friends and foes.

The magazine's two-page spread did not offer an expected release date for Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. However, according to retailers, the rhythm game will be available on September 19.

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