Guitar Hero: Van Halen runnin' with the mailman

Early purchase incentives for Guitar Hero 5 customers begin arriving in customers' mailboxes; rhythm game hits retail December 22.


To help bolster sales of Guitar Hero 5, Activision unveiled a promotion allowing customers who picked up the rhythm game in its first month on sale to send in proof of purchase and receive a free copy of Guitar Hero: Van Halen. The promotion applied only to specially marked copies of the game purchased by October 1, though gamers have until October 31 to get their submission to Activision.

When this picture was taken, Journey was pretty much the only band with its own game.
When this picture was taken, Journey was pretty much the only band with its own game.

Less than a week after the promotion's end, the first copies of Guitar Hero: Van Halen have begun shipping out to gamers. The copies of the game arrive in a single-disc sleeve rather than a normal DVD-sized case, and recipients are directed to the game's Web site to download the manual. However, the sleeve does have the unique owner ID code printed on it, so players will still be able to export the game's 44 tracks to other Guitar Hero titles.

In addition to the game, recipients get some ads for the rest of Activision's Hero lineup of rhythm games, as well as a letter from RedOctane founder Kai Huang. The note thanks customers for their loyalty, saying, "We hope you have as much fun playing these incredible games as we do making them," a perhaps unwitting reference to comments recently made by Huang's boss, Activision CEO Robert Kotick. Addressing an audience of analysts last month, Kotick made headlines for expressing--among other things--his desire to "take all the fun out of making video games."

Those who missed out on the Guitar Hero 5 promotion will still be able to get their hands on Guitar Hero: Van Halen, though they will have to wait a while. Activision's official retail release date for the game on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, and PlayStation 2 is December 22.

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Avatar image for DaSlyOne

Good thing GH:VH was free because I feel I was ripped on GH:5. GH:5 is, hands down, the worst of the series as far as tracks go. The inability to transfer all or even most of the songs from GH:WT or GH:SH is a big let down. I received my GH:VH already and it's way better than 5, but at the same time, it lacks the modes GH:5 introduced. LAME. It will be the last ______ Hero I buy. Good job Activision, not only did you take the fun out of making video games, you took the fun out of the video games themselves.

Avatar image for chano7

Right Now I start to playing Van Halen and i thinks is a solid one

Avatar image for Mysterywriter

I got mine and it works great on guitar, but not so great on drums. Could have just been the fact that my drum set was dying and is now RIP! But, the game itself is pretty awesome.

Avatar image for chitarralove

I got an email today saying that there was a printing problem or something, and my game will be delayed. I'm surprised my game hasn't come get because I sent out for on like September 3. Did this happen to anyone else?

Avatar image for PhoenixVenom

i sent mine in day one and didnt get it yet. got an e-mail sept 29 saying it will be send soon though

Avatar image for dkslade

mine says it shipped Oct 5th, Still not here....

Avatar image for RedSoxfan67

i got my copy yesterday and i think its a very solid game, besides using the ghwt engine, its still awesome

Avatar image for Matt1836

I Got My Copy Today

Avatar image for MSG-Deathscythe

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Avatar image for lukas1051

Why are there so many GH haters on gamespot?

Avatar image for C_T_SKYE

you must go into the heart of guitar hero to destroy it

Avatar image for StJimmy15

"have as much fun playing the as we do making them"... so... none? lol

Avatar image for mlg_oriongamer

dont got mine yet either :(

Avatar image for SicklySunStorm

GH : Queen probably won't happen now though due to them having a Singstar title.... we were cheated right there

Avatar image for boardn720

I'm still waiting for mine, I'm sure it will be awhile since I only sent in the request 2 weeks ago

Avatar image for VirtualTofu

WHOA! We got games before anyone else that didn't already buy GH5!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!! I just wish I had the full package. Not that I'd sell Van Halen. That and Aerosmith are AWESOME!!!!!! I just hope Hinder eventually gets a Guitar Hero. Not that there's much history to the band, but their songs rock.

Avatar image for kingofmphs

anybody else get their copy yet?

Avatar image for element22ag

Love Van Halen!

Avatar image for BaLLz_ON_FiRE

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Avatar image for mayankahuja

Runnin with the devil..

Avatar image for GC4ever

my friend got his me....still waiting

Avatar image for KittyHeart

little off topic, but this article should ve been titled "Guitar Hero: Van Halen runnin' with the mailman and onto eBay"

Avatar image for VolcanoMan001

And your point is... what? If the sales were driven by giving away a free game, then by all means -- other game publishers take notice.

Avatar image for KittyHeart

sadly, a lot of gh5 sales were because of the free vh game. =/

Avatar image for RedSoxfan67

i should be getting my free copy next week, i cant wait!

Avatar image for jediknight52501

who cares what songs are on there, i got my copy this week and i am not complaining at all, free is always good.

Avatar image for devilscry

its sad, i'd play like maaaaaaybe if i round the number up about 5 songs. the rest is just filler. glorified track pack. nothing against Van Halen, but come on,they didn't need their own game.

Avatar image for thetravman

It's already coming by mail? Sheeze, I better submit my proof. I wouldn't mind playing some Eruption.

Avatar image for BlackSamvara

I got my copy of the game earlier today, Not too bad! It was quite a surprise to see it in the mailbox this early, Not to mention the single disc sleeve, But in the end, I'm not complaining about it.

Avatar image for RaddaRaddaRadda

It seems they are desperate beyond reason to get this game out there. They know people aren't going to buy the entire collection. Hell, they've got Band Hero coming out yet too... FFS.

Avatar image for MFazio23

Free game, don't complain. You want a case, go buy in December.

Avatar image for TissueShoe

It doesn't come in the case??? That's really, REALLY stupid. Like REALLY stupid.

Avatar image for metroidprimer

lack of a case is a little disappointing, but in the end, i really don't care. the game is free

Avatar image for rynocerator

Is it possible it could be broken in the mail? What kind of packaging is the sleeve in?

Avatar image for 07ny

How can they do this? 5 guitar heros!?!?!?!?!? this game is really starting to get annoying, but rock band is doing good!

Avatar image for halloran95

haha i hope you had as much fun as we had... which is none

Avatar image for rockwii13

I got mine yesterday. I was a little suprised about it not having an actual case (it's an OCD thing), but it was free and I'm having loads of fun with a game based on the band who made the best song ever: Jump!

Avatar image for VolcanoMan001

I have mine today too. Who cares if it didn't come with a DVD case. Besides, they don't want you to turn around and sell the thing on eBay or at Gamestop, or better yet, take it back to Walmart and say you got there there. Not like anyone would ever think about doing that for something they got for FREE.

Avatar image for rclift21

Just got mine today. It is really fun. I wish Hagar was in it though

Avatar image for baystatethrashr

i swear if someone else complains about the lack of a dvd case i wont be responsible for my actions. you got the game for free. FREE! you didnt even have to pay for shipping which is the reason why it wasnt shipped in a bulky (and not very eco-friendly) dvd case. i cant believe people are actually willing to pay the full 59.99 to buy it with the proper case.

Avatar image for YIRock

ima get mine in november then. so happy =)

Avatar image for gamerfreak1991

Wow, it doesn't come with a DVD case? That kinda pisses me off a little bit.

Avatar image for taylormadederek

"playing these incredible games" \ \ All they are is rehash after rehash. It is crap that they have this many retail releases and that people continue to buy this stuff. \ \ That being was an excellent promotion.

Avatar image for mariokart64fan

if they dont send mine i ll just buy one any way , i rather have the case

Avatar image for mariokart64fan

wtf no protective case , what the heck oh well i got extra gta cases rotflol

Avatar image for razor86

Full game.

Avatar image for dj_pulserfan

For all the people that have it please tell me, trough comments or PM doesn't matter. Is it the full game or a GT 5 prologue type thing? Cause I'm still confused cause when I read the early reviews it seems like the latter...

Avatar image for JERMINITIS

I received their confirmation email a while back. Just waiting on my mailman now.

Avatar image for brian_13un

Cool Can't wait too ^_^

Avatar image for wiifan001

I still await my copy. Hurry up mailman!!

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