Guitar Hero suit settled

RedOctane, Activision, and The Ant Commandos bury the hatchet on legal dispute; peripheral manufacturer will continue to offer its own guitar controllers.


In August, RedOctane and parent company Activision sued The Ant Commandos, accusing the peripheral purveyor of copyright infringement, false advertising, and more in connection with the company's unlicensed Guitar Hero controllers. The Ant Commandos quickly countersued, claiming that RedOctane swiped the official Guitar Hero peripheral's design from its parent company's "Magical Guitar" controller, released years earlier for Konami's Guitar Freaks line of games.

In late October, the companies told the judge in the case that they were expecting to reach a settlement on the dispute within 10 days. It took a bit longer than that, but earlier this month the parties told the judge that they hashed out their differences and finally reached a settlement. The judge officially dismissed the case yesterday.

A representative of The Ant Commandos told GameSpot that the details of the settlement could not be revealed but did confirm that the company's products would continue to be distributed. Representatives for Activision could not be reached for comment.

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