Guitar Hero Live Sales Increase Over Warriors of Rock, GH5 [UPDATE]

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[UPDATE] During a post-earnings call, Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg said week-one sales of Guitar Hero Live are up compared to the two most recent entries in the series, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock and Guitar Hero 5. Specific sales number, however, were not announced. Hirshberg also admitted that those are comparisons to games released five or more years ago, so they aren't necessarily the best.

Finally, Hirshberg added that he expects Guitar Hero Live to sell well this holiday and that Activision still has a lot of marketing to do for it.

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Although Activision is not revealing sales numbers for Guitar Hero Live, the company has now shared some initial insight into how the music game is performing.

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As part of its latest earnings report, Activision said the game's reception has been "very positive," and revealed that players are spending about two hours per day on average playing the game.

"The game is designed to be a living, breathing platform to keep players engaged, and so far average time per player is nearly two hours a day," the publisher said.

The "living, breathing platform" mentioned in the quote is likely in reference to Guitar Hero Live's GHTV mode, which offers up new tracks to play on a rotating basis.

GameSpot's Guitar Hero Live review scored the game a 6/10.

"Guitar Hero Live's reinvented mechanics makes music-driven gameplay fresh and fun again, and while that's a truly massive and meaningful change for the genre as a whole, the campaign's off-putting presentation and GHTV's unpleasant microtransactions all sour the experience built up around that gameplay," critic Scott Butterworth said. "Still, this successful innovation alone might be reason enough to grab a new axe and rock out regardless."

For more on the critical reception to Guitar Hero Live, check out this roundup of scores from other publications.

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