Guitar Hero Live Losing 200-Plus Songs

Rock on! (or not).

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Activision resurrected the Guitar Hero franchise in 2015 with Guitar Hero Live, and one of the music game's most interesting new features was Guitar Hero TV. Some songs in the online mode feature full-motion video as you play as a band's lead guitarist in a first-person perspective. The better you perform, the more the crowd gets into it; miss a lot of notes and the crowd will start booing. It is weird and cool.

Activision announced in a forum post (via that Guitar Hero TV will close on December 1, with the servers shutting down. The mode features 200-plus songs that are exclusive to it, compared to 23 songs on the base game soundtrack, so losing Guitar Hero TV reduces the total number of playable songs significantly.

Songs rotate in and out, and you can spend real money on tokens to play any song whenever you want. Activision stopped selling in-game cash on June 1, but if you still have some, you can spend it up until the end date on December 1.

Activision removed Guitar Hero Live's iOS edition on June 1, but if you already have it, you can continue to play. However, the app may break if you update your iOS software, Activision warned.

No new Guitar Hero games have been announced. Competitor Rock Band 4 came out around the same time as Guitar Hero Live. No Rock Band sequels are planned either, as developer Harmonix is treating the game as a platform that gets new songs but not necessarily sequels in the way that was popular during the heyday of guitar-based music games.

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