Guitar Hero founders working on new fitness games

Upcoming mobile exercise games hope to make workouts more social; company is currently accepting interest from game developers wishing to develop for the new platform.


RedOctane founders Kai and Charles Huang--best known for the Guitar Hero series--have announced plans to create new types of fitness games for mobile devices, with a focus on increasing social play.

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The new company, Blue Goji, aims to overhaul current cardio workouts by directly linking physical exertion and gameplay. While few specific details were made in the announcement, the company has said that it intends to track activity to help monitor personal fitness goals, as well as turn exercise into a more social experience.

“Our goal is to help people lead healthier and more active lives by providing anyone across all fitness levels with a fun way to work out, one that is accessible and compelling to use,” Kai Huang said in a statement. “With Blue Goji, we’re developing a platform to support a variety of entertainment content that enables people to immerse themselves in their workout routines for a more enjoyable and social experience.”

The games will target mobile and tablet devices, with plans to interface directly with exercise equipment, including treadmills, stationary bicycles, and elliptical machines. The company is currently accepting applications from software developers who are interested in working on the platform.

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"Upcoming mobile exercise games hope to make workouts more social" You mean social as in: "My app reports to facebook how good I've been. I hope I get lots of Likes for being so good :D!".

I've already seen facebook friends with facebook posts that automatically tell people how long they've run and how fast it went. Luckily, those people aren't attention whores, they just like to exercise and uses that app without thinking in advance about how it will make them appear on their facebook profile.

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Mobile... Gaming... Fitness... This is the gaming version of the rapture!!!!

Avatar image for Hiddai

@BelaidKL lol

Avatar image for Veladus

Alternative headline: Guitar Hero founders just found out how many copies Wii Fit sold; want in on the action.

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Want workouts to be social? Go to a public gym.

Avatar image for bouchart

@TheDarkSpot Or if you're an old geezer, go out and walk through a mall early in the morning, before the stores open.

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How did I know the comments would be negative. I mean a website full of gamers hating exercise! Who would have expected that? LOL

Avatar image for DarkSaber2k

Because if there are 2 things the majority of gamers are known for, it's their love of exercise and socialising. Right?

Avatar image for Fatbeaverlol

Nice fitness.. without weights very cool -.- back to the gym i guess

Avatar image for berserker66666

He will make a game about guitar whee you shred mad riffs and in the process exercise the finger and wrist muscle.

Avatar image for Saketume

Sure, make me hate gaming.

Why not apply this method to all hobbies.

Make it so you can't watch TV, read a book or draw without jumping around doing aerobics at the same time.

Avatar image for alex_vince45

just what gamers were asking for.

Avatar image for Evil_Apai

fitness~~!? I only need neck fitness to keep head banging. Gimme new Guitar Hero~~!!

Avatar image for Mandrew257

Never saw the point of fitness games, when you can work out for free...

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Avatar image for danganronpas

Oh god..

Avatar image for ravenkiller

man it can't get more casual than this.

Avatar image for Skhuff

"Jamie has lost 2 kgs in 2 weeks! Congratulate him by sending him a gift!"

*Confirm 2$ in-app purchase to send him the gift.

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We do not need any new fitness games. If people want to exercise they will. Sure you may be trying to do a good thing, but it will probably be a waste of someone's money and quit pushing all this social shit down our throats. I am seriously loathing the digital age.

Avatar image for jalfrezy

@tightwad34 Yeah, wow they are making a game to target an audience, what a bunch of w******rs

Avatar image for tightwad34

@jalfrezy Uh, read the comments on here. 99% of us say the same thing. And why did they censor wankers? They allow cursing but not wankers? WTF.

Avatar image for DarkSaber2k

@jalfrezy Yeah but is the 50 who actually think exercise and forced social elements are good game ideas going to be a particularly profitable demographic?

Avatar image for DarkSaber2k

@jalfrezy @DarkSaber2k Not really, doesn't strike me as a particularly good project to invest in. Thought I'd made that sentiment pretty clear to be honest.

Avatar image for jalfrezy

@DarkSaber2k @jalfrezy yeah, your right, you probably will lose money on this. Won't YOU.

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Exercise Hero

Avatar image for Evanduil

Tired of everything trying to be social. Leave me the **** alone.

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@Evanduil Presumably, not buying the game will leave you the **** alone. Problem solved.

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Social bla bla bla...Why does everything has to be social and "connected" nowadays.

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The hell...