Guitar Hero, DJ Hero DLC done after February

Activision confirms that downloadable content pipeline will dry up after this month.


Yesterday, Activision shocked the game industry by announcing it was disbanding its Guitar Hero business and not making any Hero games this year. However, during a postearnings release conference call, Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg appeared to say the flow of downloadable content for Guitar Hero games would continue.

February will see the last Guitar Hero and DJ Hero DLC, according to Activision.
February will see the last Guitar Hero and DJ Hero DLC, according to Activision.

Immediately after addressing the Guitar Hero situation, Hirshberg said, "What we'll do is focus our time and energies on marketing and supporting our strong catalog of titles and downloadable content, especially to new consumers, as the install base for hardware continues to grow."

However, now it appears Hirshberg was talking in a much more general sense and not addressing the Guitar Hero franchise specifically. A FAQ on the official DJ Hero website now clearly states that, after February, all new DLC for both the DJ Hero and Guitar Hero franchises will cease:

Are you still going to make new DLC for Guitar/DJ Hero?
We will release the previously announced DLC track and mix packs for February, but--unfortunately--we will not be able to release new DLC packs beyond what we already have.

Attempts to contact Activision for further clarification were unsuccessful as of press time. However, the FAQ appears to leave little doubt that the Guitar Hero and DJ Hero DLC pipeline will soon dry up. For more on what may be the last Guitar Hero DLC, check out GameSpot's coverage of the February Mega Pack, with metal-themed tunes from Children of Bodom, Black Label Society, Marilyn Manson, and Firewind.

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Avatar image for bmwagner_phd

Activision's problem was worrying about pushing out single band releases instead of putting a ton of hit songs on to the DLC. On Warriors of Rock there's only 3 or 4 songs I would pay for in DLC. Off of the top of my head I can think of about 100 songs that were hits that people might have bought. Queensryche, Best of Metallica (let me choose), Iron Maiden. Plus songs that were huge hits like "Pull Me Under" by Dream Theater, "My Own Prison" by Creed, She Loves Me Not by Papa Roach .... I could go on and on (too late). They missed the boat. Idiots.

Avatar image for warhawk-geeby

Hey this is all good in my eyes. Every time I go on PSN store there's about 6 different Guitar Hero downloads every week.. It was getting kina annoying.

Avatar image for thesand212

Dj hero no Guitar hero yes

Avatar image for KrazzyDJ

Is this another gimmick to see higher sales of the DLC ???

Avatar image for rich19913

feel bad for the DJ Hero had to live in the shadow of Guitar Hero and will suffer because of it

Avatar image for SuprSaiyanRockr

Makes sense... a shame that they had to end on Children of Bodom and Marilyn Manson :P

Avatar image for SnakeEatinBeans

Shouldn't Activision's Board of Directors prepare a third grave for Bobby Kotick?

Avatar image for x_Xarion_x

Activision hasn't just milked the cow on Guitar Hero, they've drained the blood, skinned it and made glue out of the hooves.

Avatar image for electro57

Oh no worries, Activision will simply release a new CoD once every month.

Avatar image for loco_spic

For all games that seem to have a new iteration each year should just be kept at a slow pace. It should be waited out a bit before a new release. For example, Mortal Kombat is back since the ps2 days. MvC3 is making a huge debut and i'm sure it's gonna get a lot of revenue. So maybe activision should take a break from reproducing so often. Work on something else, them come back with a bang.

Avatar image for chez80

It's finally happened... They ran out of milk! But in all honesty I sincerely feel bad for all the people that worked on Guitar Hero. After all, it's not their fault they had to keep making the same damn thing every 6 months. As for Activision... I'm just waiting for the day that we hear this exact same news in regards to Call of Duty.

Avatar image for leon2365

well, i just hope that at least they will lower the prices of DLC

Avatar image for nephili232

Way to run both franchises into the ground you idiot. Releasing 2-3 Hero games a year was an awesome idea.

Avatar image for Giorgio879

Bobby Kotick is probably going to release a new book "How to run a franchise to the ground and screwing the people who made them in 3 easy steps"

Avatar image for tremor33

And they though the initial $150 DJ Hero bundle was reasonable...

Avatar image for Arkanis_Vayll

Milked dry and slaughtered for meat. Next!

Avatar image for Dmg051793

Hahaha. What about all those other Hero names they trademarked? I assume they're finally giving up all together? I want my Triangle Hero. I bet the sequel will be even better, too! >.>

Avatar image for soulless4now

Guess I'm glad I never got into the plastic instrument phase of gaming.

Avatar image for vega13mv

it's about time the GH series got boo'd off stage

Avatar image for ADDADAC

@Jean_rainier Activision actually has been pumping out more Guitar Hero games than COD, COD has a yearly release, but in 2009 Activision released 7 guitar hero games and 4 guitar hero games in 2008

Avatar image for Lone_Recon

I bet all of you my copy of Ocarina of Time that the same thing will happen to Call of Duty. Yeah, I'm that certain.

Avatar image for Fajonkel

Don't anyone deny that we've all seen this coming for a long time.

Avatar image for Jean_rainier

i wonder if this will happen to COD. Activision is pumping out more of these games than they did with guitar hero and already have 3 developers involved in creating separate games...

Avatar image for PumpkinBoogie

Well I'll be damned....way to send a big 'FUUU!!' to your consumers. I'm was never a fan of the mess anyway but still this is one helluva lame move to pull on the GH & DJ fanbase. Seriously, just when I thought Activision couldn't stoop any lower, they find a way to top themselves every time (for all the wrong reasons)....:roll:

Avatar image for Xdz89

Maybe this means the artists that were "Guitar Hero Exclusive" are now up for RB tracks?! I SURELY hope so, that would be AWESOME. Soundgarden and mettallica back in, along with others and Perhaps some Coldplay for the Key Players? Yes Please!

Avatar image for grey_fox1984

Considering they are now entering an age of no competition, I really hope harmonix continues with Rock Band- I work at a game store and every day I have customers searching for Rock Band instruments but we only seem to have a few in stock at a time. Then again, we already got the Beatles and a healthy serving of The Doors, so if the game-music library goes into stasis there is still a lot of great music to keep getting better at (one day I will play a pro-keys Doors song on expert! one day!)... Led Zeppelin really would've been nice, perhaps in another life.

Avatar image for Hoski0999

Wait you mean if we over saturate the market with the same game 50 times people will stop supporting it? oo dear lord that can't be possible, Gamestop can't have stockpiles of this crap laying around their stores, Wal-Mart can't be discounting all of it to get rid of it...... oo wait we all saw this coming didn't we now can we please move on to something that actually matters in gaming?

Avatar image for MasterBolt360

No DJ Hero 3? :'(

Avatar image for PayneKiller

So Guitar Hero is done and Harmonix (Rock Band) is in problems. hmmm Not that it affects me in any way but it would be the end of the better music games.

Avatar image for CapmJim

Hmmm, well since its the last DLC maybe i should just bite the bullet and get the Bodom songs, i was gonna pass on those even though i like the band Wonder how Harmonix is doing, i doubt they will ever cease DLC.

Avatar image for cellfone06

i was really hoping for more dj hero 2 dlc! i just got that game last month!

Avatar image for Spectrobal

too bad....i was looking forward to guitar hero rhcp

Avatar image for Master_Turismo

Activision should of died a long time ago.

Avatar image for gnbfd

aww man DJ Hero was the most original game I've played in a while. Sucks to see it gone

Avatar image for Cwagmire21

GH wasn't bad until 3 and then the milking soon followed. Hopefully, Activision learns its lesson of milking its cash cows a little too quickly.

Avatar image for UFO2012

Release all Guitar Hero songs as DLC for Rock Band 3, that would be sweet!

Avatar image for LinusBlue

Good riddance I say.

Avatar image for CRUSHER88

DJ Hero 2 is such a fun game. Really sucks that they are cutting off the DLC.

Avatar image for MERGATROYDER

YAY! So glad to see this genre at its knees. Oh, and Activision isn't fully to blame. The developers could have done a lot more with these titles and they just kept it pretty much the same since GH3. I think the titles would have done better by just releasing one every two to three years and having massive DLC every four to six months. The prices for the games and DLC are also inflated.

Avatar image for thecartman80

dang Dj hero only made through 2 games and the series is not that old

Avatar image for Little_Socrates

Such a bummer that DJ Hero 2 isn't getting supported, I played some of it and it was much better than the first.

Avatar image for mrzero1982pt2

good job activision. you guys are making gamers love ea much more. yeah, the fact that you have to buy NEW games to play online from EA, i think they are a lot better than you guys. so, lets get that call of duty statement that that is CANNED in the pipeline too!

Avatar image for azureblade89

Now unless Harmonix can find a new home, music games are pretty much done.

Avatar image for deactivated-5cf0a2e13dbde

It sucks to see the awesome DJ Hero 2 suffer because of the years of mediocrity the guitar hero games have been bringing along.

Avatar image for Creative

I prefer the new games instead of DLC, because I picked up 4 used titles (RB and GH) for $40 with around 400 songs total. At current DLC prices that would cost $800. The music phase might be over, but it's here to stay. For those if you who never tried it, it's actually pretty fun and rewarding experience. Of course once you master the Expert difficulty, it gets boring.

Avatar image for AvnKnight

About time they realized ppl wouldnt keep buying the same fake plastic guitar over and over for the same game, Glad this whole plastic instrument phase is over.

Avatar image for thetravman

Not too bad I guess. They have very few songs worth downloading anyway. As for RB, I already have over 70 epics songs. :p

Avatar image for Rodrows

We all saw this happening since Guitar Hero 5

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