Guitar Daemon Beats Dark Souls... With Rock Band Controller

Brutal. Legend.


Okay, so you already know that Dark Souls is a perversely difficult video game. Like, lean-over-a-balcony-and-get-assaulted-by-a-daemon-difficult.

But, as merciless as it is, one hardcore fan has decided the challenge wasn't enough and has filmed himself completing Dark Souls using... a Rock Band controller (no, really).

Benjamin "Bearzly" Gwin plugged his plastic Rock Band 1 guitar into his PC and, using an emulator, remapped the guitar's controls to the Xbox 360 pad (diagram below).

As the video below shows, Gwin strummed and wailed his way through the depraved and dangerous alleyways of Lordran like a phantom Jimi Hendrix (minus, you know, the music and charisma).

Explaining the severe limitations his plastic guitar had on gameplay, Gwin writes on Reddit: "My only movement actions are control vertical movement speed, move to right, and rotate camera left." Sounds painful.

But Gwin overcame the odds and managed to finish Dark Souls in little more than eleven hours. If that doesn't inspire you pick up that dusty old Rock Band guitar, nothing will.

Take a look at Gwin killing Ornstein and Smough in the video above.

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