Guinness Book of World Records E3 2005 Hands On

We try our best to get some questions right in the Guinness Book of World Records for mobile.


We got our hands on Kayak Interactive's Guinness Book of World Records, a trivia game composed entirely of questions based on records from the famous book. The game consists of both regular questions and those complemented by a picture clue, although from the few we saw, it would take a very special kind of trivia fan to garner any information from the photographs that isn't more easily determined from the given multiple-choice answers.

The questions in the game range from the classic to the current and generally cover a type of knowledge quite unique from other trivia games. It seems unlikely that Ken Jennings' wealth of knowledge includes how many paperclips exist in the world's longest paperclip chain, although it seems that he, as well as anyone who is attempting to master this game, must use a method of deduction on the multiple-choice answers to come up with the correct response. Trivia from the Guinness Book might not be the most useful in the world, but it is sometimes astonishing, or in some cases the mere fact that it's a record is the most miraculous of all, such as the question concerning which iconic celebrity is depicted on the world's largest beach towel.

To score well in this game, you must come up with the correct answers quickly, as you get bonus points for having time left over. Also, at the end of each level, you have the opportunity to answer a true-or-false question. A correct answer earns you a bonus, which, depending on the level, is the ability to refill the timer entirely, to remove two questions from those offered, or to automatically give you the correct answer. At present there are 300 questions in the game, although the possibility for downloadable content is still up in the air.

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