Guilty Gear XX Reload hits arcades in Japan

Find out what changes Sammy has made in the latest version of its popular fighting game.


The minor upgrade to Sammy's Guilty Gear XX, Guilty Gear XX Reload, has been released in arcades in Japan. While the new version includes a few balance fixes and minor changes, the greatest difference is the addition of the character Robo-Ky.

Although Robo-Ky was present in the PlayStation 2 versions of Guilty Gear X and Guilty Gear XX, the character has been refined in Guilty Gear XX Reload. Robo-Ky's moves now consist mostly of rocket attacks, laser shots, and mechanical maneuvers. In addition, Robo-Ky has an electricity meter instead of a power gauge. The electricity gauge functions similarly to the power gauge used by the other characters, but it generally does not fill with every attack, and Robo-Ky must instead create an electricity field on the ground and stand on it for a while to refill it. The electricity meter also empties when Robo-Ky executes normal moves.

As a robot, Robo-Ky will heat up if he attacks too much. If Robo-Ky overheats, he will turn red and eventually explode, giving the opponent an opportunity to attack. To prevent this, Robo-Ky must be cooled down by executing a certain move that will open his turbines and release steam.

It is unknown if Guilty Gear XX Reload will be released on console platforms.

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