Guilty Gear XX coming to PC

Media Kite will port Sammy’s hit arcade fighting game to the PC in Japan.


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TOKYO--Sammy's popular 2D fighting game Guilty Gear XX #Reload will be released for the PC on July 23 by Japan-based Media Kite. Reload is an updated version of Guilty Gear XX that features minor game balance adjustments and a new character named Robo-Ky. In addition to the bonuses available in the PlayStation 2 edition--such as the gallery mode and alternate character versions--the PC edition will also include a story mode. Guilty Gear XX #Reload for the PC will retail for 4,935 yen ($45).

Media Kite is known for porting licensed games from various platforms to the PC, such as Galaga (Namco, Arcade), Resident Evil 3 (Capcom, PlayStation), and Fatal Fury 3 (SNK, NeoGeo). However, Media Kite may be better known for an incident that occurred two years ago involving a foreign arcade company that was associated with the publisher. The foreign arcade company was caught illegally using a third-party emulator in its client program, and Media Kite was blamed for not properly checking its products and services.

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I've just beaten the game, it's released for this PC version, editors please update it~!!!:B