Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- announced

The game will use Unreal Engine and 3D models; series creator Daisuke Ishiwatari will resume the director role.


Persona 4 Arena and BlazBlue series developer Arc System Works has revealed its upcoming 2D fighting game, Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-, during the company's 25th anniversary event held in Japan.

Are you ready to rock with Guilty Gear once more?!
Are you ready to rock with Guilty Gear once more?!

The reveal trailer (below) showcases two of the main characters from the Guilty Gear series: bounty hunter Sol Badguy and holy order warrior Ky Kiske. The two are shown duking it out, using their signature moves from previous games.

The trailer also teased characters Millia Rage and Eddie. The game will be built on the Unreal Engine, using 3D models for the first time in the series.

Guilty Gear creator Daisuke Ishiwatari will be reprising his role as the game's director, and while the game is currently slated for an arcade release, no launch date or home console version has been announced.

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At first I was concerned with the move to 3d characters as GG always had stellar sprites. After watching the video, it looks as great as ever. I can hardly wait!

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Very interesting, a solid progress for GG series. I know UE4 is capable of excellent visual while not demanding much on hardware. Put it on Steam pls, my dollars are waiting, ready for a first-day/early-access buy.

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Definitely going to keep an eye out. Part of me hopes this is a next-gen release.

Avatar image for Scholar_Of_Time

FYI Sol isn't just a Bounty Hunter, he's also a Prototype Gear...

Also unless this is the sequel to Overture...Ky Kiske is just a cop who USED to be in a Holy Order...

Avatar image for ghostXzero

that skinny blonde dude in a dress is a transvestite

Avatar image for blaze_boy30

@ghostXzero Nope. You're thinking of Bridget. That's Milla Rage. She's female.

Avatar image for dragonsama

Looks great but they need to lose the ponytail on Ky. it makes him look like a girl.

Avatar image for FULGOREY2K

****, it was a great cell shading animation, can't wait

Avatar image for ahmed_kira

the best cell shaded game ever

Avatar image for Poison-tooth

At last!

Avatar image for Sikrion

Im so pumped for this game. Lonnnnnng awaited

Avatar image for pcty

really liked how they used the 3d models to include different angles.

Avatar image for baxwam

another sound track to buy!

Avatar image for Zxar07

Jeez finally what took you guys so long, *extremely happy but not expressing it*, looks like they took some tips from KOF13.

Avatar image for zhing_wong

Unreal engine is used to grow Ky's ponytail

Avatar image for BlackBaldwin

I like arc systems stuff blaze blue is killer but changing to guilty gear the art designs should be different not similar to blaze blue so yeah this announcement doesn't really interest me that much...

Avatar image for dom28

@BlackBaldwin Guilty Gear came out before Blaz Blue, so It's Blaz Blue that has similar art designs to Guilty Gear, not the other way around. You seem to be confused.

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I've been a fan of guilty gear for awhile guy I just prefer the art design to stay similar to Guilty Gear X2 instead of the preview that looks pretty darn close to blaze blue continuum shift...

Avatar image for dom28

@BlackBaldwin @dom28 I get what you mean, but usually things like this are bound to happen especially when reviving older titles unfortunately. We all would have liked for them to stick more to the GGX2 Art Design, but considering the state of the video game industry right now, they only care about what's current.

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I prefer the previous design for Ky. He looks a little bit more feminine here.

and then I saw Millia <3 . . .

Avatar image for tandukbadak

At first I thought "It's not 3D. It's still 2D with much much better resolution."

. . . and then the camera turn around and took me three seconds to finally say:


Avatar image for BasilVZero

I'm hyped up about this but I'm afraid this game will have a dozen new versions just like any other 2D Fighter franchise....well except for King of Fighters l0l

Avatar image for Rennik_Repotsir

I admit, I was thinking the wonderful animation was going to take a major hit with the move to 3D and UE... After watching the video, I'm recolored impressed...

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Avatar image for arkhamcity54

Finally....Guilty Gear has come back! For a brand new game!

Avatar image for SkamArtist

@arkhamcity54 Finally...The Rock has come back to Memphis...Amirite?

Avatar image for meedokicky

Ah now I miss Baiken! lol

Avatar image for Prats1993

I did not just read "3D models", brings back painful memories of SF4.

Avatar image for Blackzero123

@Prats1993 king of fighters 13 uses 3-d model skeleton with 2-d skin that how it looks.

Avatar image for Sporks_Calamity

"Oh no am falling".....for this new GG game. Rock on!!!. Now... ride the lightening!!!!.

Avatar image for FaeLKuN

Sol Badguy looks way too muscular... But hell yeah, so excited for a new GG!

Avatar image for Vu2010

Hell yeah ! heaven or hell , let rock !

Avatar image for shadowboy88

huh published by SEGA...

Avatar image for LesserAngel

@shadowboy88 Interesting, I guess because they're using Sega's arcade hardware. They'll probably continue to use Aksys for US releases.

Avatar image for Okiron

@shadowboy88 Sammy owns arc system works

sega sammy fusionned a bunch of year ago... so yeah

Avatar image for Blackzero123

@Okiron @shadowboy88 Arcsystem is with Aksys Games they bought GG a few years back from sega.

Avatar image for LesserAngel

@Okiron @shadowboy88 Huh? Nowhere can I find anything about Sammy owning ASW, though they DID publish most of the Guilty Gear games. So they might (repeat, MIGHT) own GG, but not ASW.

EDIT: ASW owns the rights to GG.

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I'm surprised this is an Unreal Engine game! Definitely does NOT look like a gritty dark FPS. That blending of 2D and 3D is spectacular.

Avatar image for blaze_boy30

@hobotech64 The Unreal Engine is used to make a variety of games beyond "gritty dark FPS". Look up the games made with the Unreal Engine. You'll be quite surprised.

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@blaze_boy30 @hobotech64 Not coming from big studios. I'm sure there's plenty of indie games that use it, but those names escape me right now.

Even then, I don't know one UE3 game that uses sprites in this fashion (assuming those ARE hand-drawn sprites...right?) Just goes to show it doesn't matter what tools you use, it's how you use them. Heck, Valve's still rocking the Source engine with DOTA 2.

Avatar image for blaze_boy30

@hobotech64 @blaze_boy30 Actually big studios do use UE3. Indie studios as well. Dev studios, indie or big are welcome to use the engine if they pay for a license to use it.

Also the models are cel-shaded 3D models. They only look 2D. Pretty damn amazing if you ask me.

P.S. - Judging from your response, you didn't look up what games use UE3. Have a look if you're interested:

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Now you're talking my language !

Avatar image for Gamer3344

Definitely didn't see it coming

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