Guilty Gear Strive Debuts Starter Guide Videos To Make Sure You Get Good

The upcoming Guilty Gear sequel will test your fighting game abilities--but these training videos will help you prepare for its PS4 and PC launch.


Guilty Gear Strive is coming to PS4, PC, and arcades this year, and Arc System Works wants to make sure that people can jump in and start getting good on day one. The game, which will soon run a closed beta, has unveiled some strategies for six of its characters with a series of "Starter Guide" videos.

The videos, below, show how to pull off each character's special moves, and explain their uses in a fight. Some basic combos are also shown off.

If you're in the Guilty Gear Strive beta, knowing these techniques in advance will give you an edge and let you rack up some wins.

Sol Badguy

Ky Kiske


Axl Low

Chipp Zanuff


Give these videos a watch and you'll be well on your way to coming to grips with this technical fighter.

These are the six characters coming to the beta, but two others have been confirmed for the full game--Millia Rage and Zato-1.

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