Guilty Gear Strive Confirms Two More Returning Characters

Guilty Gear Strive has unveiled more fighters you'll be able to use in the upcoming PS4 game, plucked right out of Guilty Gear history.


Guilty Gear Strive has a new trailer, and it brings with it two more characters. The latest characters shown off are, in Guilty Gear lore, a couple--Millia Rage and Zato-1. Millia still attacks with her hair, while Zato-1 can summon up shadows to fight for him.

The trailer shows off how these two characters fit into the Guilty Gear Strive art style, and how their moves have been adapted into the new game. Long-time fans of the series will likely see some familiar attacks in here.

You can watch them both in action below.

Millia and Zato-1 are not scheduled to appear in the game's upcoming closed beta, which will begin on April 16.

Guilty Gear Strive is coming to PlayStation 4 and arcades later in 2020. The other fighters confirmed for the game so far are Sol Badguy, Ky Kiske, May, Faust, Potempkin, Chipp Zanuff, and Axl Low.

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