Guillemot's New Sound Card

This week, Montreal-based Guillemot will unveil a new sound card. We have all the details.


Last Friday, GameSpot News was given a firsthand look at a new sound card set to come out of Guillemot's hardware labs. Although the game is still a few days away from being publicly unveiled, we have early details of this new board.

Unlike Guillemot's Maxi Sound Isis - which has features like an external audio rack and is aimed at composers and musicians - the company's latest sound card, called the Maxi Sound Fortissimo, is squarely aimed at mainstream gamers. At its heart lies a Yamaha XG sound chipset, which provides the board with the ability to accelerate Microsoft's DirectMusic API purely in hardware, allowing for interactive music within games at no CPU overhead. Additionally, the Fortissimo also supports DirectSound 3D, EAX, A3D 1.0 and the Sensaura Interactive Positioning algorithm.

The board also comes with a 2MB MIDI wavetable with 128 voices (64 hardware), two independent stereo outputs, a game-controller port, a microphone-in port, a stereo-in port, and a digital optical-out port for those who like to dabble with recordings and playback. The Fortissimo's bundle includes Sonic Foundry's Acid DJ music production utility, Media Station, and the Yamaha XG Studio MIDI jukebox.

Guillemot plans to release the Fortissimo in a few weeks to national retailers. The sound card will be priced at US$49.99 Gamers heading to London for this year's ECTS in September will be able to check out the board for themselves. Look for more details to become available later this week, once Guillemot officially announces this card.

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