Guild Wars preview event starts Friday

Experience a pre-beta version of NCsoft's latest MMORPG this weekend, as well as a GameSpot-hosted event starting November 6.


Guild Wars

Korean online games publisher NCsoft and subsidiary ArenaNet today announced that game players around the globe will be able to get a taste of the online experience to be had in the company's upcoming massively multiplayer online RPG, Guild Wars. The Guild Wars World Preview Event begins on Friday, October 29, and runs through Sunday, October 31.

To participate, interested gamers simply have to download the free game client, available at GameSpot DLX. Participants will be able to explore two regions of the gameworld, compete in an international tournament, and engage in combat on a selection of battlefields.

Guild Wars' official beta-test period will begin with a Beta Weekend Event, which runs November 6-7 and will be hosted by GameSpot, among other gaming publications. GameSpot Complete members will be able to sign up early, starting November 1, to secure a slot. Registered GameSpot Basic members will be able to sign up once the event starts, on a first come, first served basis. Those who purchase the Guild Wars preorder box at major computer game retailers will also be granted access to the beta-test weekends.

ArenaNet and NCsoft plan to release the final version of Guild Wars in early 2005. No subscription fee will be required.

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