Guild Wars gets sequel, expansion

Sequel to ArenaNet's online role-playing game will have persistent worlds, won't have subscription fee; Guild Wars Eye of the North due out this summer.


Guild Wars fans have a lot to look forward to over the next few years, as ArenaNet today announced two more products in the PC role-playing series.

The developer has confirmed that it is currently making a full sequel to Guild Wars, and expects the game to go into beta "sometime in the second half of 2008." Unlike its predecessor, Guild Wars 2 will have a persistent world. Like its predecessor, the online game will not require a subscription to play.

A dungeon from Eye of the North.
A dungeon from Eye of the North.

Gamers who want to start prepping for Guild Wars 2 will be able to in Guild Wars Eye of the North, the first "true expansion" for the series set for release this summer. Eye of the North will require one of the previously released campaigns--Nightfall, Factions, or Prophecies--and will log players' accomplishments, which unlock exclusive items and bonuses in Guild Wars 2.

The expansion is set in the dungeons and underground regions of Tyria, the backdrop of Guild Wars Prophecies. Eye of the North adds 150 new skills, dozens of new armor sets, 10 new heroes, and several new items.

No rating or pricing information was announced for either product. For more on the Guild Wars franchise, read GameSpot's review of the original Guild Wars.

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