Guild Wars enlists 6 million

NCsoft and ArenaNet's online RPG franchise surpasses new milestone nearly four years after original installment's launch.


Guild Wars
Guild Wars 2

Earlier this week, NCsoft added its roster of online games to Valve's digital distribution platform Steam, providing gamers with yet one more way to easily access its products. However, even without Steam's help, NCsoft is having no problems shifting units in one of its most popular franchises, Guild Wars.

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Today, the South Korean game company announced that the Guild Wars franchise has officially surpassed the 6-million-unit sales milestone. The marker comes some 14 months after NCsoft said that sales for the franchise had exceeded 5 million units.

The Guild Wars franchise milestone comes nearly four years to the day after NCsoft released the ArenaNet-developed not-quite-massively-multiplayer online role-playing original Guild Wars to a decidedly positive critical reception. In the intervening years, NCsoft has churned out three new campaigns--Prophecies, Factions, and Nightfall--as well as the expansion pack Eye of the North.

NCsoft and ArenaNet remain at work on Guild Wars' fully fledged sequel, Guild Wars 2. However, the publisher has yet to attach a release window to the online game.

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