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Guild Wars 2's Icebrood Saga Will Reach Its Conclusion In Late April

A release date has been announced for the fourth and final chapter of Guild Wars 2's Icebrood Saga.


The final chapter of Guild Wars 2's Icebrood Saga now has an official title and release date. Named "Judgement," the conclusion to the last 18 months of Guild Wars' story will arrive for free for all players on April 27.

"With ally Braham, norn of prophecy, on the cusp of confronting his destiny, two of Tyria’s largest and most enigmatic threats emerge to do battle in a clash of supremacy over control of the world’s magic," ArenaNet's teaser for the new content reads. "Players will be thrust between these two forces of nature to stop the conflict by any means necessary, and nobody is getting out unscathed."

Judgement's story promises a clash between two potentially world-ending Elder Dragons, an apocalyptic threat that players must stop at any cost. Like other content updates to the game, however, it also comes with a whole heap of new rewards and loot, most of it dragon-themed.

Once the update drops, players will be able to max out the Dragon Slayer mastery, and earn dragon-themed items such as a new cape, a dragon eye infusion, a greatsword skin, and new dragon-like minis.

The chapter's new world boss promises to be epic, with players able to confront the challenge either in a private squad version for up to 50 friends and guildmates, or in a public version for up to 80 players that will become available every two hours.

After Judgement drops, Guild Wars 2 has more new content lined up for 2021, with a new expansion called End of Dragons expected to launch sometime this year.

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