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Guild Wars 2 Expansion Path Of Fire Announced, Watch The Trailer

Path of Fire launches in September.


The second expansion for the multi-million-selling Guild Wars 2 has been announced. Path of Fire was revealed today; the expansion launches on September 22.

Path of Fire takes players back to the Crystal Desert region from the first Guild Wars, along with another area called Elon, from Guild Wars: Nightfall. There are five new, open-world zones in all, along with nine new "elite specialisations."

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Here is how developer ArenaNet sums up the story for Path of Fire: "Balthazar, the human god of war and fire, threatens the Crystal Desert and adjoining kingdom of Elona with his Forged legions. Players saw through the course of Living World Season 3 that Balthazar is determined to hunt Elder Dragons--and now he and his armies have invaded the desert to do just that. Now, Tyria's fate hangs by a thread as players race to the desert to hunt down the rogue god before he can do any more damage to the delicate balance of magic."

ArenaNet president and co-founder Mike O'Brien said in a statement that the Path of Fire update is "all about content." Also coming to Guild Wars 2 in the Path of Fire expansion are mounts, which will allow players to move through the world faster.

The Path of Fire standalone expansion will cost $30, though you can also get it in a $50 bundle that includes the previous expansion, Heart of Thorns, too. All purchases come with an instant-boost that raises one character's level to 80 and this also includes an allotment of gear and gold.

Everyone who has a Guild Wars 2 account can try out Path of Fire through an "open-world preview weekend" event that runs August 11-13. Included in the trial is the first story mission for Path of Fire, along with the Crystal Oasis map with the raptor mount.

ArenaNet also announced the bonuses players get for pre-purchasing. These include the following:

  • The Spearmarshal's Gift - A special gift from an anonymous friend in Elona. Players will use this to choose one weapon skin from the Sunspear Weapon Set.
  • "Elonia Envoy" title - Whether a new arrival to Elona or coming home, build bridges by displaying this symbol of respect and friendship.
  • Miniature Balthazar - This exclusive miniature replica of the god of War and Fire is on the warpath.

Guild Wars 2 was released in summer 2012 and sold more than 5 million copies before its free-to-play conversion. The game's Heart of Thorns expansion was released in October 2015, and not long after, the game hit an all-time high of 7 million players.

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