Guide To Fortnite: Where Magnifying Glass Sits On The Treasure Map Loading Screen

Consult the treasure map and then head to the location.

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Fortnite Week 4 challenges are coming soon, but for now you'll have to make do with the first three batches, including the challenges for Season 8, Week 3. Among this most recent set, one asks you to do some detective work--or perhaps pirate work--before you go off into the island hunting for Battle Stars. The challenge in question asks players to "search where the magnifying glass sits on the Treasure Map loading screen." Here's where to go and what to do.

As Fortnite challenges go, it isn't actually all that difficult, though the wording is a touch confusing. What it's asking you to do is take a look at the loading screen artwork, which is of a treasure map. On the map is a magnifying glass, and the area it's focused on is where you need to head to during a match. Specifically, it's southwest of Polar Peaks and east of Frosty Flights.

Head to the grid reference C8 and go to the left side of that quadrant, and you'll spot the Battle Star there. Grab it and and get to work on the remaining challenges so you can inch ever closer to getting the cosmetic unlock of your dreams.

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We now have three sets of weekly challenges available for Season 8 of Fortnite: Battle Royale. Provided you've been able to complete all of the challenges so far, you'll have also complete three sets of Discovery challenges. Once you do the third, be sure to check out our secret Battle Star guide to help you track down the hidden reward that awaits you.

If you're planning on unlocking everything, or have your heart set on something deep into the Battle Pass, you'll need to spend the time and effort to do challenges each and every week. By doing so, you'll gather Battle Stars and level up the Battle Pass much quicker. To help you along, we'll be creating guides for challenges on a weekly basis. You can stay on top of it all by using our full Season 8 challenges guide.

As is always the case with Fortnite, there's plenty going on. The recently added Baller vehicle, which came as part of patch 8.10, was temporarily removed from the game by Epic, although it has since returned. While Epic didn't specify exactly why it did this, players had found a glitch that allowed the hamster ball-like vehicle to be launched into the air. Next up for the game is the 8.11 patch, which launches on March 20. There's no word yet on what it will include, although Epic's tease mentions "setting sail." That might be a simple pirate-themed way of saying that's when it will roll out, but we'll know for sure soon.

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