Guide: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 For Nintendo Switch Pre-Order Bonuses, Where To Buy

Heroes, assemble.

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Now Playing: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 E3 2019 Trailer | Nintendo Direct 2019

For as much as superhero movies have taken over the box office over the past decade, it's surprising how few major video games are based on comic books these days. Switch owners have one to look forward to, because Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is launching July 19 as a Nintendo Switch exclusive, and you can pre-order it now.

Developed by Team Ninja, this follow-up to 2009's Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 will be an action-RPG starring many of the superheroes we've seen on the big screen in recent years. The game will include the Avengers, X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, and an assortment of familiar villains like Thanos, the Black Order, Kingpin, Sandman, and Green Goblin. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 will also feature an original story, along with local and online multiplayer for up to four players.

During Nintendo's E3 2019 Direct, a new trailer and post-launch DLC details were revealed for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. The game will launch with an expansion pass that gives you access to characters from Fantastic Four, X-Men, and Marvel Knights.

If you're ready to secure your copy of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 for yourself, read on to find out where it's currently available and how much it costs.

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 pre-order bonus

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The only pre-order bonus currently available is at GameStop, which is offering an exclusive poster illustrated by Marvel artist SKAN (seen above). You'll have to pick it up at your local store, so bring your confirmation page if you order online.

Pre-order Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 standard edition

No special editions have been announced for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3--the standard edition is your only option, and it'll cost you $60.

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Avatar image for BattleBoy422

Costco has the game for $50.

Avatar image for jack00

Switch exclusive.... are you fukin kidding me ?

Avatar image for MajinSquall

@jack00: Nintendo are publishing the game because just like with Bayonetta 2 no one else wanted to, so instead of complaining about it being exclusive to Switch MAYBE you should complain to the other publishers who turned it down

Avatar image for gusbr

How to kill a franchise.

Avatar image for horizonwriter

@gusbr: Because it's been such a thriving franchise over the years?

The last one came out 9 years ago and it was mediocre. It's been dead. This is just an attempt at a cash-grab revival due to the extreme popularity of MCU, particularly the Avengers.

Avatar image for Barighm

I've been waiting for a Legends/Alliance follow-up for years. How did this become a Switch exclusive? Yeesh.

Avatar image for Doomerang


Because it's being published by Nintendo. The game most likely would have not existed without Nintendo's help, period, much like Bayonetta 2 and 3.

Avatar image for Bloodwolf_19

@Barighm: I agree, why isn't it going to be released on Xbox One and PS4?

Avatar image for MajinSquall

@Bloodwolf_19: because like the person above said Nintendo are the publishers, the last game came out 9 years ago and no one else wanted to release another, try complaining at Activision for doing nothing with it for a decade

Avatar image for mboettcher

Does anyone else think the graphics for this game look TERRIBLE?

Avatar image for Zidaneski

@mboettcher: yeah they aren't much to look at but the major draw of these games is the gameplay and roster. I don't care much for marvel outside of the x-men but having wolverine and the sentinels is enough for me to bite.

Avatar image for mboettcher

@Zidaneski: Don't get me wrong, I beat the first UA more times than I can count using every canonical team combination I could think of. I only beat the second game twice because it wasn't as good. This game doesn't look markedly better than a game that came out more than a decade ago.

Avatar image for Zidaneski

@mboettcher: Agreed, it is disappointing to see but hopefully it still will be a blast to play.

Avatar image for risingdawn

That's freaking awesome!! I hope they port the other two as well it's been years since I played them but they were pretty good mindless fun.