Guardians of Middle-earth hitting PC August 29

Zombie Studios bringing Lord of the Rings MOBA to PC later this month with all DLC and Steamworks support.


Lord of the Rings MOBA Guardians of Middle-earth will hit PC on August 29, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced today.

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The PC version is in development at Zombie Studios (Blacklight: Retribution), not Monolith Productions, which created the original Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions.

According to Warner Bros., Zombie Studios worked "closely" with Monolith on the game.

All downloadable content from the console version of Guardians of Middle-earth will be included on PC. This includes all 36 Guardians, as well as map skins (The Shire, Goblintown, and Mirkwood), and the Survival gameplay mode.

Gamers who already purchased Guardians of Middle-earth for either Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 are eligible for a free download of the PC version. Warner Bros. did not detail how this promotion will work.

Guardians of Middle-earth for PC will be available on PC through Steam with full Steamworks integration. This includes matchmaking, leaderboards, Big Picture mode, and controller support.

Exclusive to the PC version of Guardians of Middle-earth will be alternate skin options for all 36 Guardians. One example given was a Gandalf the White version and Gandalf the Grey.

Guardians of Middle-earth on PC will be available for purchase in a variety of bundles. Players can buy the standard game for $20, which includes playable Guardians Gandalf, Galadriel, Hildifons, Mozgog, Bert, Legolas, and their alternate skins.

The $80 Mithril Edition includes all 36 playable Guardians and their alternate skins, as well as the Mithril Guardian Elic and a buddy key.

Guardian packs (six in all) will be available for $15 and include five Guardians and their alternate skins. Lastly, Smaug's Treasure--which features Smaug's greed Relic and in-game gold--will be available at launch for $10

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Avatar image for GGCrew_basic

"Gamers who already purchased Guardians of Middle-earth for either Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 are eligible for a free download of the PC version."

YES! More of this customer-friendly service, please!

This deal doesn't apply to me (don't own a 360 or PS3, much less a console version of this game), but I'm seriously considering buying the PC version just to support the publisher/developer for this fine example of gamer-friendly service.

Avatar image for advocacy

BULLSHIT. This game should cost $20 and not a cent more for all that crap DLC.

Avatar image for edinko

They will have a hard time compete with a MOBa dumbed down for controllers that costs money- whey you have dota that is really free to play

Avatar image for KaSeRRoR

Looks alright... Just not for me... ON WITH SKYRIM: LEGENDARY PC MODS!


Avatar image for riotinto876

Heroes of newerth learned the hard way how much of a bad idea having to pay to play a game like this when LoL and dota are f2p

Avatar image for Oloryn

I'm all for more players being able to check out a game...but this seems a bit unrealistically ambitious. Especially in the face of the MOBA monsters, LoL and DOTA2...I'd rather they use their resources to perfect the console version, I thought it was actually really well done barring the connectivity issues.

Avatar image for oflow

hmmm....looks like a cash grab. Game was kinda fun in a simplistic way on consoles, but the connectivity issues killed it.

Dont really think the DoTA2/LoL elite douchebags will be too interested in this one.

Avatar image for Tzardok

Will it be on Steam?

Avatar image for Fencie


"Guardians of Middle-earth for PC will be available on PC through Steam with full Steamworks integration."

Does that answer your question?

Avatar image for JimmeyBurrows

It's a great game, loads more fun than LoL... When it works... Which is never... Since there's a free copy somehow I'll take a look at the PC version, if they've got decent servers & matchmaking times are down it could be good... But it'll still flop because you have to buy everything including the game... Up against free games, they wont have enough players to keep it going.

Avatar image for The1337Dunham

This game is actually fun as hell. Unfortunately, in true Monolith fashion, the matchmaking was laggy, slow and d/c often. Its obviously no contender to stand up to LoL or Dota, but its still fun and a lot more casual and action packed than most mobas.

Avatar image for Simplythebest12

MOBA ??? No thanks

Avatar image for PETERAKO

DOTA 2 and LoL. both free2play. with only paying done for cosmetics. this is not free and certainly not in the same quality standarts.

Avatar image for iHarlequin

@PETERAKO DotA's free-to-play, LoL is "free"-to-play :P.

Avatar image for Tripwolf

Oh, joy. Another moba...

Avatar image for jourideblaere

It was fun on the PS3 but barely any people playing and the servers were horrendous, bad connection problems

Avatar image for evil-zodiark

nobody cares about dota rip-offs anymore since we already got the original in all it's updated glory

Avatar image for yourdem1ze

@evil-zodiark Heroes of Newerth > DotA 2 in any shape of form. League of Legends and Smite sucks completely tho.

Avatar image for TheDarkNut

@yourdem1ze @evil-zodiark Heroes of Newerth > DotA 2? *smirks*

Avatar image for evil-zodiark

@yourdem1ze @evil-zodiark you're right about the second part...

Avatar image for gufberg

Hilarious. This game will sink. Hard. In fact, i doubt the servers will be running half a year after release.

For all the focus testing and market analysis these guys probably do its amazing that they do not perceive the astounding market saturation happening within MOBAs.

Avatar image for aermeus

I feel bad for these companies trying to enter the MOBA market now. DOTA2 and LOL have the market locked up pretty tight. The only new moba that might even be able to steal a slice of the pie is Blizzard AllStars...primarily because they have some very loved IPs and they have the money to throw behind a game to make a really polished project...that is if they ever release it.

Avatar image for oflow

Actually Chaos Online is pretty fun and has a very large following in Asia. The English version was terrible translation though but I would put it better than LoL but not as good as DotA2.

Avatar image for IncisionX

Wait. You want me to spend £16 on a game that isn't in the same league as LoL/Dota2 that are free..?

Seems like one hell of a deal o.o

Avatar image for Xbox1SinceDay1

Game devs, as entertaining as it is to think of a Starwars Moba or a Nintendo Moba or this Lord of the Rings Moba. It wont ever.... ever.... be anything like League of Legends. And Dota 2 is maybe half as popular as LoL. But thats only because of the tourney money.

So dont waste precious time making these moba's

Avatar image for kargion

Game was great, online was a lag fest so i stopped playing.

Avatar image for OmegaSabre

So you have to pay to have all characters in a MOBA that you need to buy first as well their skins? Well... I doubt that'll work out very well on PC. I mean stuff like DOTA 2 has everything given to you from the start and it's free.

Avatar image for frozenux

Console MOBA on PC? lol Good luck selling this....

Avatar image for LalchandTudu


Avatar image for arqe

I wonder if i buy this on my friends Ps3 now still will be able to get free on PC ? Because got 20$ PSN key now in the market and we can buy this with 10$ each. Win + Win :)

Avatar image for ethanm1834

You know whats next? Super Mario Moba? Not that Lord of the rings shouldn't try, but I wish them luck. It just seems they are a little late to try to get into this game.

Avatar image for arqe

@ethanm1834 LoTR moba is good. And got good points from all the game sites / magazines.

Avatar image for PETERAKO

@arqe @ethanm1834 But this aint enough now is it.

Avatar image for Saidrex

song comes to mind - "crap crap crap crap crap crap crap craaaaaaaaap"

Avatar image for DarckArchon

Jeez how many damn MOBas must they're be.?

Avatar image for Kr3isen

ROFL at those prices!