GTAV puts multiple protagonists in fictional LA - Report

Rockstar sequel rumored to put players in control of a handful of characters, return to the sunny part of the West Coast.


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Individual Grand Theft Auto releases have traditionally put players in the role of a singular protagonist. A recent report suggests the next entry in the series may provide a few different playable perspectives on the game's story, while returning to familiar territory with its setting.

GTAV may offer multiple perspectives in a San Andreas-like setting.
GTAV may offer multiple perspectives in a San Andreas-like setting.

Yesterday's announcement of Rockstar's latest provided nothing more than a logo, but citing a "source familiar with the game," Kotaku reports the game will purportedly use Los Angeles as its city of inspiration and will feature more than one protagonist. It would not be the first time Rockstar turned to LA for ideas, as the West Coast metropolis loomed large as a clear muse for the fictional California microcosm of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

While GTAV could be the first title in the series to tell its primary story through multiple characters, the idea isn't entirely unprecedented. Grand Theft Auto IV focused on the story of Niko Bellic, but subsequent expansions depicted Liberty City from the viewpoints of two more characters. The Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories PSP games also returned to cities from the main console versions of the series, but with new characters driving the story.

This is not the first suggestion that GTAV could return to an LA-inspired setting. In March, reports linked a casting call for voice roles in an interactive project codenamed "Rush" to Rockstar's next game. Those listings described a motley crew of California characters, including the return of GTA: San Andreas character James Pedeaston.

Whatever the setting, it's likely to be revealed soon. The first GTAV trailer is set to be released November 2.

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