GTAV PC petition passes 350,000 signatures petition calling on Rockstar Games to release open-world game on PC hits new signature milestone.


The petition calling on Rockstar Games to release Grand Theft Auto V on PC has surpassed 350,000 signatures. This is up from 200,000 signatures in July.

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GTAV launches exclusively for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 tomorrow. GameSpot's review hits at 10 a.m. EDT today.

According to Rockstar Games cofounder Dan Houser, a PC version of the open-world game is "up for consideration," though that's all the company has said on the matter.

The petition says it is a "big shame" that GTAV is not announced for the PC, specifically calling out the modding community being a "huge part" of PC gaming. "Modded GTA is some of the most insanely fun times you can have," a line from the petition reads.

A since-removed Rockstar Leeds job advertisement sought a programmer to help bring the company's "latest titles" to PC. This would potentially include GTAV.

The PC iteration of Grand Theft Auto IV launched about eight months after the console versions shipped in April 2008.

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Frankly Rockstar is stupid for not releasing GTA 5 on Pc... Ok allot of people will pirate the game but, some people will buy it for the multiplayer and I'm just not sure why they would not want their money... OH NO I KNOW WHY, THEY ARE FAKING LAZY TO MAKE GAME FOR PC, CAUSE THEY NEED TO TEST THEM MORE FOR DIFFERENT HARDWARE... LAAAAAZZZY....

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lol I never realized there were that many PC gamers left. Kinda makes you wonder why the air of superiority that they still have left. I remember when console gamers had to wait an eternity for a port. Seems the roles have reversed. Here's why...

Consoles couldn't before but can now:

1. Online multiplayer- Check!

2. Downloadable Content and Add-on's (DLC)- Check!

3. Downloadable patches/fixes-Check!

4. Streaming Video-Check!

5. Online Web browsing-Check!

Not to mention consoles are looking better every generation with more than 3 times the life span of a reasonable PC rig at less than half the cost. Consoles also allow gamers to offset spending by having the option to trade in games and hardware. Where-as PC's cannot.

So when PC gamers have to petition just to get a well known title, not to mention the lack of retail presence in game can you tell people with a straight face that PC gaming is still strong and "superior"?

Avatar image for edinko

@Gravity_Slave Because it is. Next gen consoles will not even be capable of running AAA games at 60fps at 1080p. Look at the first victims. BF4 will not be 1080p. Ryse is 900p. Thief will be locked to 30 fps. TEhy are already dead performancewise before release

Avatar image for Darkconclusion

@Gravity_Slave Consoles are forever playing catch up. I have a primary PC I use for work, gaming, production, surfing and entertainment using 2 42 inch 3D LED's. The computer I built for $600 two years ago is still above the next gens soon to be released.

My other PC I converted to a server which I use to run multiple servers for Minecraft, Halo, CoD:Ghost, BF4, Cubeworld, etc..

As for developers, games are developed on a workstation PC and ported through codecs to the platform of choice. The reason why are opting out of PC is because of the distributive costs. To get it on PC requires very little work.

Console gamers are strong because its a large population who know little to nothing in a technical sense. This is okay seeing as I already have a 360 emulator and since the Xbox One uses x86 architecture, PC's will have an immediate Emulator at our disposal (The ISO's are very easy with x86 linkfeed hierarchy on the games themselves).

PC gamers are still superior, we make the games, we will still get all our games and then some.

Avatar image for aleknzz

just make tha dam game multplayer so ppl must buy it, simple as it get...

Avatar image for aleknzz

just make it multplayer so pppl must buy it.........simple as it get.....

Avatar image for Kyokamaru

@Meridianwarlord @kenzkarma i agree with you it will be realesed for PC...... in the next 2 years.... with shity ported out dated graphics crapy frame rate because of the bad optimising and a shity ported rebooted Controll scheeme that resembles a shity console controller. woppy im all happy now

Avatar image for bariboss


after 2 years you will get games with more crapy graphics on consoles then gtav on pc...

today's so called next gen console is way below then mid range pc..... heeee heee..

Avatar image for avengerb

@Kyokamaru @Meridianwarlord @kenzkarma I am game developer and I can tell you by experience that when a game is made, its made first on PC then on a console , EVERYTIME.

No idiot makes a game on a console first then a PC. What they infact do is they hold up the PC release version as it won't sell for 60$ so easily on a PC platform. Whereas on a Console every game is by default 60$ or more. Anything lesser is counted as a "Not worth it type" game for the console fanboys.

Money Money Money its all about money.

Avatar image for Bond_Villain


Avatar image for Pooyagharagozlo

Please release GTA V on PC

We are PC Gamers

Avatar image for Mr_BillGates

Those knees must be sore as hell.

Avatar image for Monsterkillah

@Mr_BillGates kneel before me!

Avatar image for PlasmaBeam44

People who only games on PC are elitists and whiners.

Avatar image for Gravity_Slave


I agree. I'm sick of hearing these PC purists act like they're superior. If you're soo superior, why are you guys not getting all of the exclusives anymore? All of the DLC? You wait longer than consoles.

Why is it taking you guys over a decade to get a sequel (Diablo 3, Starcraft 2). Why is spending two to three times more money than a console gamer for slightly better resolutions a "bragging right"? PC gaming isn't dead but it is on life-support. Pull the plug and get a console.

Avatar image for edinko

@Gravity_Slave DO you suggest I shall play GTAV with awful 720 p and 20 fps like the xbox version? That may be good enough for you mate but its unplayable for me

Avatar image for bariboss


playing gtav with auto aim is like playing House of the dead 10 years back.... where is the fun in that????

console is only for sports and/or racing games maximum....

Avatar image for avengerb

@Gravity_Slave Umm is it possible to play Rome total war 2 on a console? Is it possible to play any FPS sniper game on a console? I don't know how to snipe using a joystick.

I don't know how I can play Patrician 4 on a console.

I don't know how I can play Starcraft on a console.

I don't know how I can play World of Warcraft on a console.

I don't know how to play Black and White on a console.

Do you? Please teach me.

Avatar image for avengerb

@Gravity_Slave @avengerb And btw Black and White is a game that you might not have heard of ..sry cuz u were not born yet.

Avatar image for avengerb

@Gravity_Slave @avengerb How wise of you to say that PC gaming is stupidity.

Just admit u can't afford a PC and be gone.

Oh btw did you just use a PC to type this here?

Try using a console. its wonderful, they have a new joystick too now with a keypad!! woah! you must get it now! go go rush to the store you zombie.

Avatar image for Gravity_Slave


lol I love how you PC elitists brag about the handful of exclusives...the same ol' exclusives. And did you seriously just mention Black and White? lol What decade did that relic launch?

Teach you? You can't be taught. Stupidity isn't curable...only ignorance.

Avatar image for buckwild73

@PlasmaBeam44 i play a lot of games on pc but the way the sad fools are spamming metacritic & other sites with zero scores because there is no pc version is pretty damn pathetic. you got the petition, now move along

Avatar image for Gulraizrashid


Avatar image for midway_nights

@RS13 @midway_nights i never pirated a console game, and i am console person since NES.

yeah i have traded games and swapped games with friends but that you wouldn't call pirating.

Avatar image for midway_nights

@willzihang buying a game on steam doesn't mean its been pirated, pirating a game means you got the game without paying for it. Pirating=stealing.

Sims 2 sold 20M only because the target market that game was focusing on , usually spend money.

Neither do i wish that there will be no PC version, there will be a PC version but i just wish PC players pay for it.

Avatar image for midway_nights

@willzihang @midway_nights No, i dont know if anybody pirated gta 5 yet on consoles, you probably know those people because that's what you always do. right?

Avatar image for willzihang

@midway_nights @willzihang What?! Please look up mocking mate.... I know what I'm saying... sigh.

Jeez. How stupid must you think someone would be to think Steam games are pirated.

Frankly the rest of your post doesn't make sense either: Sims 2 sold 20 million, that's just that-- it doesn't matter why people bought it.

Many PC players will pay for it.

You know many people didn't pay for GTA 5 on consoles, yep that's right, piracy also happens on consoles--- should you punish legitimate consumers for that? No.

Avatar image for kenzkarma

1. **** Rockstar for constantly co-releasing on PS3 and 360 and forgetting about us PC gamers.

2. **** you console fanboys for bitching about PC gamers being only pirates and saying that's the reason why we won't get a release.

3. **** Rockstar again for making it completely obvious that they're only concerned about making the most money and don't give two shits about their fans.

4. **** Rockstar AGAIN for having three male protagonists and not one female. As a female gamer, it's bullshit and I have no respect for you guys.

5. PC IS better and PC does have a better everything, but I do not want GTA V to release on PC because of graphics. I'm not a simpleton. In fact the only game I have for 360 that's worth playing is Red Dead Redemption because Scumbag Rockstar (once again) only released it for console.

6. For the guys who have consoles shoved up their asses, **** you for wanting to deny us a PC release. If there was a game that had huge hype but was only for PC, and you guys were begging for it to be on 360 and PS3? I'd sign your fucking petition,

Long and confusing rant over.

Avatar image for midway_nights

Only thats why rockstar don't give PC a priority because you guys cry so much.

Avatar image for avengerb

@midway_nights Did you buy the game ? What are you doing here then? fck off .

Avatar image for vijayabalaji

@kenzkarma I am a fan of you from now!

Avatar image for Meridianwarlord

@kenzkarma PC gamers will get GTA 5. It will be remastered to utilize our superior gaming machines too. Count on it cuz it happens every time. So what if consoles get it first. You do realize there is a massive console community and the game will be priced higher to them? Our version will be cheaper and better, just wait.

Avatar image for Poison-tooth

My friend bought the game for the ps3. After a 8 gig patch/install, he started too play and 10 minutes latter, the game was randomly freezing :D The joys of pc brought to console!

Avatar image for PartyGavinParty

@Poison-tooth My friend bought BF3 on a PC. After a 30GB install, he started to play and 10 minutes later, the game froze and he had to restart his PC. The joys of a PC game brought to PC!

Avatar image for Gulraizrashid

@PartyGavinParty @Poison-tooth i hope your fraiend knows how to install the game

Avatar image for TheHappyDrunk

I'd rather they release GTA V for my car. It's been a while since I've had an excuse to mow down pedestrians for the hell of it. 1000 points per nun or child!

Avatar image for Kyokamaru

@TheHappyDrunk the last game was carmageddon 2 right? :d

Avatar image for tightwad34

@TheHappyDrunk 2000 for a baby and 5000 for a pregnant woman. And I also like your name.

Avatar image for drybones41

I'd buy it on PC, it better be a good port though :p

Avatar image for linfo28

GTA V for wii u anyone?

Avatar image for dah_master

Why didn't they just release it on PC on the first place. They still get Millions from the sales on PC while we get to play this awesome game without hardware problems constricting its true potential. A win-win situation in my eyes. Why can't Rockstar see that?

Avatar image for sorotsorot

Eat a big piece of cake first . $ 1B is expected for both PS3 , Xbox360 sale . For PC, PS4 , Xone should came out later in a year or two . By that time the next gens will already have a lot of gamer . They will release 2 or more expansions (like GTA 4 , why not ) . The next gen console and PC use X86 CPU , so it make sense to do for all three . This will make them other $ 1B . This is my prediction . I will patiently wait to buy it on steam summer sale.