GTAIV: Lost & Damned PC-bound?

Latest patch for Rockstar's crime-spree sim reportedly adds Games for Windows Live achievements for currently Xbox 360-only expansion.

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What we heard: Last month saw the launch of the second Xbox 360-exclusive expansion for Grand Theft Auto IV, The Ballad of Gay Tony. The add-on was released as both downloadable content and a likely bestselling boxed retail product, Episodes from Liberty City, which also includes the first expansion, The Lost & Damned. Now, evidence has apparently surfaced that indicates the elder expansion will soon be available to owners of the PC version of Rockstar's crime-spree sim.

Lost & Damned achievements Found & Screen-capped.
Lost & Damned achievements Found & Screen-capped.

The revelation came as part of the latest patch (v. for the PC GTAIV, available at the Rockstar Games Web site. Besides fixing assorted graphics issues, adding anti-cheating measures, allowing controls to be double-mapped to keyboards, and combining region-specific SKUs into one, the patch apparently added a list of Games for Windows Live achievements for the Lost and Damned (pictured).

The official story: Neither Microsoft nor Rockstar responded to requests for comment.

Bogus or not bogus?: Likely not bogus. While Microsoft paid Rockstar some $50 million to keep the GTAIV expansions exclusive to the 360, both companies would obviously love to make as much money as possible. A staggered release for The Lost and Damned would let Microsoft and Rockstar glean further coin from both DLC products and a PC Episodes from Liberty City retail collection while still shutting out the PlayStation 3.

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