GTAIV, Dead Space coming to Games on Demand

Microsoft hasn't been dallying about bringing some of the top games from the current console generation to its Games on Demand service through Xbox Live. Currently, Xbox 360 gamers can purchase digital copies of such top-rated titles as Assassin's Creed, BioShock, Mass Effect, Burnout Paradise, and...


Microsoft hasn't been dallying about bringing some of the top games from the current console generation to its Games on Demand service through Xbox Live. Currently, Xbox 360 gamers can purchase digital copies of such top-rated titles as Assassin's Creed, BioShock, Mass Effect, Burnout Paradise, and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. That list is poised to grow in October, as Microsoft has announced eight more full retail games that will be offered through its download service.

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This past Tuesday, Call of Duty 3 and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 joined the Games on Demand lineup, both carrying a $29.99 price tag. Next Tuesday, Rockstar Games' top-rated (not to mention top-selling) action adventure Grand Theft Auto IV arrives. Rockstar will return on October 20 with its street racer Midnight Club Los Angeles, as Electronic Arts offers up Army of Two and Sega delivers Sonic Unleashed.

Electronic Arts will close the month on October 27 with Dead Space, its well-received survival horror shooter developed by Visceral Games. Dead Space will find company that week in Codemasters' Dirt, an off-road racer formerly titled Colin McRae Rally.

Microsoft did not indicate how much the upcoming new additions will cost and had not responded to requests for comment as of press time. However, the current Games on Demand roster ranges in price from $19.99 to $29.99.

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Also guys like Kyuubi_Vegetto down below say that a DLC game is as good a value as a boxed game, and they are wrong! I DO like a box and manual, I DO like to bring Army of Two to a friend's house (its the only reason to play is 2 player, single sucks!), and I DO want to resell games- heck I just sold a bunch of PS2 games that I bought for $10 a piece for $2 a piece at a garage sale, that is a good deal fora new gamer who got the games and I made back some cash, I couldn't have done that if they were all on my console. The fact that various retailers CAN offer cheap sales (for whatever reason) and that they need to compete for our $$ is GOOD for us consumers.

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Just sayin', today i went to Best Buy, they have Dead Space new for $19.99, they have Army of Two $19.99, they had Call of Duty 3 $19.99.... see the pattern? You can get these even cheaper used, and not waste HD space, and own them forever.... Why download them? On a PSP or an iPhone I get downloads, on a console not so much....

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games on demand is cool, i just don't have the HD space for any game

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Games On Demand Is Neat....But Dead Space Would Take Away 1/3 Of My Hard Drive Space......Why Not Buy The Actual Disk?.....Unless You Have A 60 Or 120 GB Hard Drive...You'll Probably Find It Used For Like 17$ At Gamestop, Just Saying.

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I still buy CDs even though I just import them to itunes and then store the case... ug, I'm getting old. The feeling of having an actual copy of something is just more satisfying to me, but I know that's a personal thing that works differently for everyone. When internet connections are 100mbps instead of 10 so that a 10GB download looks reasonable and if we were actually allowed to back up the things onto external sources to not lose it all and (at best) have to download everything over again in the event of hardware failure... ok, ask me then, but even in that case it'd be impulse buying for most people since used copies would be cheaper. Credit is well deserved, however, for everyone's $5-10 "on-demand" game lineup of original titles and classics. It'll be a long time 'til revenue and number of sales from full-on modern game digital downloads can top those results.

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If you start downloading games you can say goodbye to ever truly owning them ever again. You will only own the rights to the game. I still have some of my Nintendo and Super Nintendo cartridges that I have OWNED for 20 years. If I download it the game is stuck on my hard drive forever. I am warning you do not help this movement catch on by purchasing full games through download.

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Thanks for the info Petri87

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6.5 gigs... no thx

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@SDBusDriver1979 - the price points(recomended retail price) for older games are always 20-30bucks, if a game is sold for less then that its because the store wants to get rid of the old stock, not because the publisher wants it to be that low. Also the price of games are ALWAYS set by the publisher of the game. Microsoft can't put up games on GOD without the approval of the publisher. And if a publisher wants to sell their game for 10bucks on GOD then Microsoft has to do that or not put up the game at all. And remember. Microsoft aren't the only company in this industry that wants to make money. And the majority of the profits from GoD games goes to the publisher.

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I wonder if its the publisher or Microsoft setting the prices on everything? Something tells me the later one.

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they should bring condemned 1 & 2, since the first one is so hard to find in stores , and i think the first condemned is the best videogame i have ever played, and ive been playing video games for over 20 years....the firswt condemned just had the best back ally new york city atmosphere ever done, and it really had that creepy feel u get when walking through one of those allys!!!!!!!

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Yeah.....and I can find these games way cheaper then the price they're selling for. Used..I don't care.

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Just another way M$ wants to control the world. They drop the price of some Arcade content & almost at the same time now promoting On Demand. Wow, how stupid do they think gamers are.

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That's Awesome

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they should release games at the same time for on-demand and retail

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Games on demand is a great idea and i must admit i tried it out and it worked really well but my real problem with it isnt so much the price its the amount of memory it takes up...

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Games of demand sounds like something for a really lazy person that never leaves their home. Now if you will excuse me, my groceries are being delivered to my door and I need to roll over into the kitchen on my rascal to tell the delivery guy where to put everything in my fridge so I can reach it without standing up.

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thanks, but no thanks MS, those games take up way too much space and in many cases are overpriced. I'll stick with amazon.

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go ms

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Games on demand is a rip off in the UK, if u wanted a games on demand game, u need enough hard drive space and to wait a few hours for the game to download and pay a bit more, or pop down to yr local game store, get the game cheaper and install the game on yr hard drive which does not take long and works better that way. Digital distribution, whatever, i heard they have it cheap in the US, but here in the UK, its just another thing for Microsoft to sponge more money out of.

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To me at least, Games on Demand seems more for those people who want instant access to the games that did extremely well on the Xbox 360. Granted, some of them didn't do as well as others, but the trend I'm seeing with Games on Demand is that 75% of the games available are Platinum Hits or games that are possibly going to go Platinum Hits in the foreseeable future. GTA IV seems to have gone Platinum Hits only recently, which would probably explain why they put that out there. I don't recall Dead Space being a Platinum Hits, but they might have plans to make it so. As for the whole Disc vs. Digital distribution debate, I have only this to say: Personal preference should be the deciding factor. Some are more comfortable with a hard copy, others with it downloaded from the internet. Whatever your preference is, just be glad that the option is EVEN THERE. You can choose - and that is what matters, for the moment at least. I'm not going to go off on a limb and say digital distribution is the future, because not everyone is comfortable with that yet, and I realize it, mainly because of DRM and other various reasons. But neither do I think developers should restrain themselves to disc either. It limits game potential because they can't fit it all onto a certain media, or they have to compress data down an insane amount which might make for longer game load times because it has to decompress and read game content.

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29.99$!?!? man you guys are complaining.!??! In canada it's 39.99$ for oblivion or call of duty 2/3!! I know there is and exchange rate between the two countries but come on!!! That's 33% more canada is paying. Pure BS... ps: I don't know ONE person yet that has downloaded any of these old and overpriced games.. i mean ****, you can get oblivion + bioshock in one package at Zellers for 39.99$ GAmes on demand = EPIC FAIL

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I support digital distribution 100%. It just makes sense for the developers to want to save money, it's business. Every single business in america is built on the principle of buy cheap sell high. I have a decent enough internet connection to be able to download games, and everybody in America is able to get internet. It's not expensive at all, and it doesn't matter where you live anymore, therefore, not a valid excuse. As far as prices being set in stone forever, you know that can never happen. Once they see a game isn't selling as much as they want it to, they drop the price and people buy it. I would rather be able to download a game and have it forever as long as I live. Discs get scratched and worn over time and you have to pay for a replacement. Let's just accept it and move on.

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"next gen will be digital distribution only, the only place to buy your games will be xbox live, they will cost twice what they cost today, you can't sell it, trade it or lend it, and prices will NEVER drop!!! Is this the future we want?..." - chrispicard While I see the convenience, I cannot support these ideas, and I must ask my fellow man do the same. If downloading will stay as option only I will be fine, but the day physical copies of games are no more will be a sad day for gamers everywhere

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Great news - But the prices really do need to come down. They don't have to supply the case, CD, instruction booklet. Sill trying to Milk to much out of these.

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saying that the next gen is gnna be only downloading is just a "thrown out' opnion look at the Ps3 you cant download a 50gb game and not every person have a fast net or even a net. downloading games should be only an option

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"next gen will be digital distribution only, the only place to buy your games will be xbox live, they will cost twice what they cost today, you can't sell it, trade it or lend it, and prices will NEVER drop!!! Is this the future we want?..." - chrispicard Don't give them any ideas! It would make perfect sense for them to do that, eliminate the middle man. Prices set in stone forever, no ebay or Gamestop to get a cheap older used next gen game. Let's hope not.

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I saw Dead Space in my local store for 8 bucks. Don't think I'll be buying anything off Games on Demand.

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I bet these will go for the same prices as what everything is at the moment. It's a rip-off compared to buying these used or even new.

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next gen will be digital distribution only, the only place to buy your games will be xbox live, they will cost twice what they cost today, you can't sell it, trade it or lend it, and prices will NEVER drop!!! Is this the future we want?...

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C'mon Microsoft, please make the 250gb hard drive available for purchase. I have the 120gb, but I'm down to 78gb left. With the few installs on certain games like GTA4, Halo ODST, and Mass Effect, to cut down on loading and texture pop-up, it leaves me wanting to upgrade. Another thing that really sucks about downloading and not having a hard copy is the annoyance of not having access to your DLC should your internet be disrupted. I have a lot of Arcade titles, DLC, and a few Xbox originals, and seeing them become either trial games, or unavailable once the internet in disrupted really sucks! Yet still I am a sucker for that DLC!

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I'd buy GTA4 if it was $19.99, but I really don't see it happening...

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thats pretty cool :D

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In response to "just buy the retail copy", etc: electronic distribution is the age we live in. It's not very environmentally responsible to continue to support the means that video games and media have been released traditionally now that other options are available. More important to the individual: it's faster, convenient and potentially cheaper, though current costs don't reflect this in some specific circumstances.. though if games were released via the 'on demand' service to begin with you might start seeing closer competitive pricing. People that "need" to buy a physical copy of something are living in the past. My only motivation to buy physical copies of anything now are when it's the only way to get something, or if i'm going to save 20 bucks due to bad pricing scheme non-parity

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@ angelGP32 Hey moron take into account that Gamestop like every other retail outlet is free to sell products at their suggested retail price,over their suggested retail price, or less then the suggested retail price just because you can get Call of Duty 3 for 7 dollars or whatever price at Amazon or Gamestop doesn't mean you'll get it for the exact same price or way below it's actual MSRP at every other place. raahsnavj the service it turned off Realistically I don't think Microsoft would turn it off especially if MS next console has Backwards Compatibility issues like the 360 had with the Xbox. raahsnavj or you create a physical library and no one can take away the games... Even if you create a physical library there's still the issue of the disc potentially not working due to physical wear and tear also if on the off chance that your games stops working and there's no way for you to replace it do to not being in a store or going out of print what do you do then? raahsnavj As for the prices, the reason we think the prices should be lower is because the DL model provides less at the same price. No sharing with friends, reading the manuals, no box-art, no replaying console generations later... If given the choice at the same price, who would actually want a DL game? and why? Because they are too lazy to go to the store? or because they are just can't find the game anymore? Actually people think the prices are too expensive mostly due to the fact that places like Gamestop offer the games for much less new or used.Besides the box and the manual aren't necessary to enjoy the game neither is re-selling it for less than the price you paid for it or loaning it to a friend. Those are not the reasons you bought the game to begin with so really complaining about the digital copies lacking the box,the resale value,etc is kind of a moot point. Also the GOD service let's you print the game's manual off the Xbox website.

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bah, overpriced imo. just go out and buy the disc, makes more sense and is more reliable

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Retail games are cheaper because they are "pre-owned" where the retailer retains all of the profit. Its better for the consumer but worst for the developer. Microsoft is trying to combat this by DD and day-1 DLC.

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@Uzriz: "Think Microsoft, you're smarter than this." Do you really believe that?

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somehow to me, the name "games on demand" is a misleading title. no one actually demanded downloadable games that cost as much as the physical disc. who wants that? what we deman is lower prices on disc games! lower prices on disc games!

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MS: How about NEW RELEASES please. I'd buy Games on Demand if they'd bother to sell games I don't already have. Eliminate my trip to the store, and maybe save me a few bucks on retail packaging and delivery costs. Heck, charge $60 and use the extra capital to sell some freaking reasonably priced hard drives. No more scratched discs. A lot less heat and Red Ring of Death. If the digital rights carry over to future generations of the console then I'm all in. Does anyone know if there is a time limit on the digital rights? If you buy a game from EA online for PC they only bother to remember you bought it for 5 years. If that's the case give me hard copy...preferably used so my money doesn't go to the publisher that killed my willingness to buy digital by turning my purchase into a 5 year rental agreement.

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i can see tv ads for this now, same big money on gas. buy games on demand right in your l;iving room 24 hours a day

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29.99 for Call of Duty 3 WTF?!? That game is about to have its third sequel released!

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This feature is totally wasted on us, every single one of these titles is available for just half of of these whack prices. Where the hell does the sales department pull these numbers from ?! We're getting a digital version of the game. Hmmm now let me think if I buy from my local retailer I get half price, a case, booklet and the chance to trade it back in... Digital copies should the ones with smaller price tags. Also we need bigger and cheaper hard drives if they want to promote such a feature. Most people (me included) like to have physical copies of their games, so we can either collect the great ones or simply trade them back in. Think Microsoft, you're smarter than this.

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Too bad I already own GTA4, hopefully Dead Space will recieve a 19.99 price tag, if not I think Im gonna pass, I mean if they want this to work why sell the games more than the retail price!

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if MS really wants this to work. they need to lower game prices and lower the cost of hard drives. alot of us are deleting last weeks demoes just to play this weeks demoes on our 20 gig 360s....

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once there are 1T hard drive equipped consoles, maybe. but the good ole 20 or a 60 will be full before you know it. but you guys are right, a physical copy is worth something in the future. trade, sell, lend, hang from your car mirror - why are there still people who do that with CDs? now, extra DLC etc., that's a whole other deal. new maps, arcade games -10 buck a pop, sure, great stuff!

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this is crazy. we cut out all the middle men, have no hard copies to show off or to take to a friends house. and they still want to charge the same as walmart or gamestop???