GTAIII banned in Australia?

An Australian review board claims that GTAIII has excessive "sexual violence" and recommends that the game not be carried at retail in that country.


The Office of Film & Literature Classification of Australia, which also rates console and PC games, has deemed that due to the "sexual violence" in Grand Theft Auto III, the game should not be carried by retailers. According to a GameSpot Australia report, Grand Theft Auto III has been pulled from retail shelves in the country, while its publisher, Take-Two Interactive, is seeking a second opinion from the Classification Review Board, which is a separate body from the OFLC. The second review may take up to two weeks.

The OLFC originally gave the game an RC rating, meaning "refused classification," but it was released under the more acceptable MA15+ rating. Games receiving the RC rating may not be sold, exhibited, displayed, demonstrated, or advertised, according to OLFC guidelines.

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