GTA: Vice City update

Rockstar releases new details on the music in the upcoming prequel to Grand Theft Auto III. New screens inside.


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Rockstar has announced that it is making major updates to the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Web site. To start out, Rockstar has posted the names and style of all the radio stations in the game on the site. Lazlow, the popular talk radio host in Grand Theft Auto III, will be in the game as the host of the rock station, VRock. Since Vice City takes place in the '80s, it's clear that VRock was where Lazlow got his career started. Two other radio personalities from Grand Theft Auto III will make it into Vice City: Toni of Flashback FM and Fernando Martinez of Fernando's New Beginnings.

Here's a complete list of Vice City's radio stations:

Station / Music / DJ
VRock / Rock / Lazlow
Flash FM / Pop / Toni
Emotion 98.3 / Emotive Anthems / Fernando
Fever 105 / Soul
Wave 103 / New Wave
Wildstyle Pirate Radio / Hip Hop and Electro
Radio Espantoso / Jazz and Latin

GTA: Vice City is scheduled for release next month. For more details, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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