GTA: Vice City to be released alongside soundtracks

Rockstar Games announces that its eagerly awaited action sequel will launch alongside no fewer than seven albums based on the game's radio stations.


Rockstar Games and Sony Music Entertainment have today announced that when Grand Theft Auto: Vice City launches on October 29, it'll do so alongside no fewer than seven different soundtrack albums. Each of the seven albums--which will be released under the Epic Records label--will be a collection of '80s music taken from one of the in-game radio stations that players are able to tune into when driving. These radio stations have long been a feature of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, allowing players to listen not only to their preferred style of music but also to an amusing assortment of DJs, listener phone-ins, jingles, and advertisements. Vice City promises to take this feature to a whole new level by featuring an impressive 80 or so tracks from the likes of Judas Priest, Blondie, Flock of Seagulls, Kool and the Gang, Hall and Oates, Grandmaster Flash, Cutting Crew, and many more.

"The Grand Theft Auto franchise has always broken the boundaries of what video game soundtracks can be, and Rockstar Games, along with Sony Music and Epic Records, have set a new standard with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City," stated Terry Donovan, COO of Rockstar Games. "The Grand Theft Auto: Vice City soundtrack albums will arguably represent the most diverse, extraordinary, and innovative collection of music ever assembled for any piece of entertainment--whether it be video games, television, or feature films. Every track was lovingly and laboriously chosen to reflect the vast array of '80s musical styles and create the perfect audio landscape for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City."

"Sony is thrilled to have the opportunity to release what we believe will be one of the most thorough and exciting collections of '80s music ever to find its way into record stores," added Thomas D. Mottola, president and COO of Sony Music. "Rockstar Games has enjoyed incredible success with the unique creativity and gameplay of the Grand Theft Auto series, and Sony could not be more pleased to participate in the global launch of the soundtracks to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City."

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the sequel to the phenomenally successful Grand Theft Auto III , is now scheduled for release on October 29--one week later than was originally announced. For more information, take a look at our Grand Theft Auto III of the game.

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