GTA: Vice City pulled from Steam

Rockstar yanks action game from digital distribution hub due to licensing issues reportedly related to Michael Jackson's "Wanna be Startin' Somethin.'"


Gamers may have noticed Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is no longer available on Steam. This was no mistake, as a supposed Rockstar Games representative said in the official Steam forums that the game was pulled due to a music licensing issue. The company said it is working to get the game back online as soon as possible, though no specific timetable was provided.

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The game's disappearance from Steam was first noticed by The Sixth Axis, though Cinemablend now has more information. That site reports that GTA: Vice City was yanked from Steam due to a claim from Sony Music Entertainment regarding Michael Jackson's "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" song, which appears in the game's Fever 105 radio station.

A Rockstar Games representative told GameSpot, "Due to some music licensing issues, we've had to temporarily remove Vice City PC from digital stores. We'll make it available again as soon as possible."

This news comes during Rockstar Games' celebration of GTA: Vice City's tenth anniversary. Late last month, the company announced that it would release iOS and Android versions of the 2002 game to mark the occasion.

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I still have the steam-free version on CDs with ALL ORIGINAL RADIO SOUNDTRACKS!


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Wow. PC versions are pulled, while the console version released on the PSN just had the two Michael Jackson songs taken out. Way to go master race!

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@mikemaj82 - You do realize that this article is from 2012 right?

It is still on sale via Steam for $9.99

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where's the date this article has been written ?????????????

Nowhere to be found on this page.

Gamespot: declining service.

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@tevic Eddieh's fault.

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this happened two years ago no songs where removed from the steam version

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why is a two year old article on the recommended list

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And this is why physical always beats digital.

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@RossRichard unless you already bought the game then digital is better.

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@RossRichard While everyone would like to believe that all networks buy petabytes of storage every month and endless property to store it all. Most just delete the oldest or the least used data.

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So how come this is suddenly an issue?

The games 12 years old ffs.

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@hadlee73 Yeah because people really buy a console for 1 game...

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R has plenty of money to throw at whoever owns the song.

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And once again physical >>>>>>>>> Digital

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@Vatusus This case doesn't prove it. previous owners still have their copies on their accounts.

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@Redblaze27 @Vatusus And if you fire up steam in offline mode you can play it.

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I downloaded Vice City from the PSN and noticed that Michael Jackson's "Billy Jean" was not on Flash FM. And this was a few years ago. They couldn't just take one song out like they did for the PSN version?

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Rockstar responded "it looks like GTA V will not be releasing on the PS4 after all."

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Uh...Vice City's back, but why is there not a Mac version available? GTA III and San Andreas has mac version.

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Aaaaand it's back already.

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So stupid i swear...

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thats dumb dont take it off steam! at least put it back on without that stupid song in it.

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A decade old game has one song in it that's copyrighted.

It must be hard to search so long and hard to find something to complain about these days.

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remove song from radio, release update patch.. done

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FFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU i love this game i knew i should have brought it hope it come's back soon :(

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That's too bad, but the game's pretty well unplayable without a gamepad anyways.

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They should release the 10'th anniversary version on XBOXLive; coarse even if they don't, I'm glad I still own a physical copy of Vice City(for PS2,which still plays perfectly)Just another reason I won't be switching to PS3 anytime soon

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Sony do realise that Rockstar help shift their Playstations, right? Rockstar could be complete dicks about it and just release GTA V DLC for XBox

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In the spirit of GTA3 "I demand compensation for this insult". Of course i personally don't but thought it would be funny.

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who cares hes dead it shouldnt matter anymore

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The licencing issue will be fixed quickly. What's good is that if you already own Vice City you can still download and play it from your library.

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For the ignorant in the comments, YES you CAN still download and PLAY multiple games that have pulled from steam trough time. Though they are only about 20 or so games, you can still play them. Prey hasn't been on Steam in years yet I can download and play it.

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Sony being pricks? Nothing unusual here.

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So, before you get it back on steam do a HD remake with proper 360 controls for 3, vice city, and san andreas and release it as a bundle please

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So... I guess they DO want to be starting something??

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No that is my fav GTA all time

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Does this mean that people who purchased the game through Steam will not be able to play the game until this issue is resolved? If that is the case, welcome to the the future of video gaming; it's called "Digital Distribution".

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How is there a licensing issue? I don't know the ins and outs of the music industry, but the music was already licensed for the game. So how is it an issue?

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The music industry is pretty much a dodge. They're still pissed that people buy MP3s instead of $15 CDs with only 3 good songs on them. Then they pull shit like this with games and movies.

I bet Micheal Jackson's surviving relatives don't even give a shit and probably don't see a dime from it. Some deuches in the board of directors, who had nothing to do with creating the song, are bitching because they can't squeeze every penny out of it. It's all just industry-heads acting like asses.

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@nate1222 It peaked at $30-$40 a disc which was ridiculous.

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Yeah, now if only something more respectable than Steam could catch the vision and expel that horrible game...for about any reason, the right one or whatever it takes.

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just bougt this game too a couple weeks ago haha

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Blame Sony

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Its only about new copies, since the license for the song expired (apparently there is such thing). This probably has something to do with the 7 disk box set soundtrack they've released 10 years ago with all the music from the game. The matter of fact is that Sony should pay money to Rockstar for making their music available for other to hear in a cool way (while driving in a game). I've always loved how Rockstar never paid money for car licenses (something completely unneeded, btw) and now fans of the series know and use the made up names for the cars - sentinel, infernus, cheetah, comet, sabre, etc :)

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*puts noose around neck, throws stool out from under him*

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Oliver the lady killer biscuit is going to be pissed when he finds out they are removing his favorite track!

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Easy fix , download song , put into custom radio channel.

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Good thing I have two hard copies (PS2 & PC). Having it on steam made it easy to access though. If I went back to play an old GTA it would be that one.