GTA V Remakes the Opening of PBS Children's Show Arthur

This isn't disturbing at all.


Grand Theft Auto V has allowed inspired players to recreate scenes from all sorts of different TV shows and movies. Recently, the opening to Full House even got the GTA treatment.

Now, you can watch the opening of the PBS children's show Arthur remade shot-for-shot in the game by YouTube user Merfish. The result is something far from family-friendly and educational. Check out the video below, and then watch the side-by-side comparison:

I don't know about you, but I think this is the most haunting remake yet, especially when the "Arthur" lookalike shoots the woman and then jumps out of the shot. This would be quite the beginning to a gritty reboot of the show.

Some other remakes include a tribute to Red Dead Redemption and a Vice City mod for the game. Considering how dedicated these users are, many more shows and movies will be reimagined in GTA in the future.

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