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GTA Remasters Will Only Happen if They "Look Great Creatively," Exec Says

GTA remasters will only happen if it makes sense creatively and will "delight customers."


During Take Two's earnings report today, the Rockstar Games parent company was asked if it had any interest in remastering the Grand Theft Auto titles that originally released on PS2. Take Two responded, saying that it "wouldn't rule it out," though it would likely decline if it was just "to make a few bucks."

CEO Strauss Zelnick said that it's "something [Rockstar Games] will decide in due course" and that it "wouldn't do anything that's not going to look great creatively."

"The starting point is, 'Is this going to delight customers, is this going to look good?'" Zelnick asked. "You know that we're a company that is not driven first and foremost by 'Can we create revenue this way?'

"We would start by saying, 'Will this be exciting to consumers, will they be happy with it, will it reflect well on our brand, will it reflect well on our company?'" he added.

"And if the answer is yes, then it may well be a compelling opportunity. But if the answer is indifferent or no then even if we have an opportunity to make a few bucks we probably would decline. I think that's the lens through which we look, the actual decisions are made by the labels [Rockstar and 2K]."

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In the same earnings call, it was announced that Grand Theft Auto V has shipped 65 million copies. Additionally, Rockstar will announce new games "soon," though you shouldn't expect anything new from the developer this year.

Take Two also talked about what it would do regarding any PS4 and Xbox One hardware upgrades.

"In general, these are all opportunities. Depending how things pencil out, a successful new console gives us another opportunity to release titles whomever it comes from," he said. "We think the people who win most are those that are the most creative, the most innovative, and the most efficient--and that's what we aspire to be."

The company also talked about 2K's Battleborn and how it's too soon to tell if the new first-person shooter will be a hit like Borderlands.

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