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GTA Online's Weekly Update Is All About The Nightlife

Nighclub owners will get big bonuses if they keep the party going this week in GTA Online.


GTA Online's weekly update has just dropped, this week with a focus on all things nightlife. That means big bonuses for nightclub owners on income, popularity and warehouse production. GTA Online players will also get bonuses on Cross the Line, as well as a heap of other bonuses and discounts.

For this week, nightclub owners will be able to net double popularity from Promotion Missions, as well as a 50% bonus on income deposited into the safe. Warehouse goods production speed has also been doubled, with players able to make sales more often. Biker Sell Missions will also have their payouts doubled, awarding 50% more GTA$ and RP.

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As well as the regular discounts, there'll be a handful of business-specific discounts this week. the security upgrade for nightclubs will be available for 40% off for the week, while the cost of adding a bed to office accommodations has been slashed by 30%.

Anyone looking to get into the Motorcycle Club business can purchase a Clubhouse for 30% off the regular price. It's good timing for it too, with bikers in for a handful of freebies this week--completing a Sell Mission will net you a free pair of shades, a successful Special Cargo Sell Mission awards a free jacket, and Gunrunning Sell Missions will award a free cap.

All players will be able to take advantage of weekly bonuses in the Cross the Line adversary mode, with both winning and losing teams taking home a huge 4X bonus on GTA$ and RP payouts. This week's prize ride is the Dinka Jester Classic, with players needing to place first four days in a row in the LS Car Meet Series Race to add it to their garage.


  • 30% off Ubermacht SC1
  • 40% off Enus Stafford
  • 40% off Benefactor Turreted Limo
  • 40% off Vapid Flash GT
  • 50% off Mammoth Patriot Stretch
  • 50% off Lampadati Tropos Rallye
  • 60% off MTL Pounder Custom
  • Free drinks at open bars in Nightclubs and the Diamond Casino & Resort

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