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GTA Online's Summer Update Introduces DIY Bounty-Hunting, New Creator Tools

Players can also take part in some under-the-table police work.


Summer is almost here, and Rockstar Games is kicking off the season with a new update for GTA Online. The update will include a number of new features, including the ability for players to engage in a little bounty hunting.

Players who wish to further take the law into their own hands will be pleased to know the update also allows includes a new feature that lets them take part in some off-the-books police work for everyone's favorite boy in blue, Vincent Effenburger. Vince has some less-than-legit jobs that need doing, and there are hefty rewards waiting for any players who choose to help him out.

The summer update also includes a series of shiny new wheels for players to purchase (or steal), plus a payout increase for various modes and missions. Numerous missions will be getting this treatment, and although Rockstar hasn't yet released a full list, it has confirmed that the following missions and activities will be affected:

  • Taxi Work
  • Open Wheel Races
  • Operation Paper Trail

In addition to bounty hunting, questionable police work, and bigger paydays, the new update will also include a number of new features for the GTA Online Creator. These include custom Drift Race tracks and Drag Race circuits, plus some new units in all tracks, like drivers doing donuts and crowd animations.

"Testing Races is becoming easier, as creators can now launch tests from any chosen checkpoint, and also have the option to race multiple rounds in Drag Races before a winner is declared, alongside a range of new improvements designed to help the community create and share their amazing Races, Deathmatches, and more," Rockstar's blog post explains.

A number of "experience improvements" are also featured in the update, like an increased Sell Mission timer to give solo players some breathing room, automatic snack replenishment when starting (most) new missions, and buffed armor for both the Sparrow and the Bombushka.

Rockstar hasn't yet announced when the update will go live, but you can find more information about the new features slated to hit GTA Online this summer via the developer's latest blog post.

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