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GTA Online's Newest Raid Is Out Now, Watch The Trailer

The Cluckin' Bell Farm Raid has arrived.


As part of this week's GTA Online update, the popular multiplayer game has added its newest raid. The Cluckin' Bell Farm Raid, as it's called, invites players to infiltrate a factory farm that isn't all that it seems and get away safe to secure yourself a nice prize.

Players will get a call from Vincent Effenburger, the former Diamond Casino head of security who is now a LSPD officer, inviting you to work together to take down a cartel running an illicit operation out of the Cluckin' Bell factory in Paleto Bay. From there, players can outfit themselves with their preferred weapons and gear, and then get to work.

Once at the farm, players need to find all the cocaine and take down cartel members and crooked cops. The raid is playable solo or with up to three others. If you need any help, be sure to check out our Cluckin' Bell Farm Raid walkthrough.

Everyone who completes the raid gets cash related to the mission as well as an additional $100,000 worth of in-game cash and the Cluckin' Bell hat.

Beyond the raid, this week's GTA Online update adds the Bravado Gauntlet Interceptor vehicle, the Canis Terminus off-road four-wheeler, and the Vapid Benson delivery truck.

Additionally, the Motor Wars and Running Back modes have returned to GTA Online this week, while the Hunting Pack mode is paying out double GTA$ and RP until March 13.

You can visit the Rockstar Games blog to see more of what's new in GTA Online this week.

In other GTA news, GTA VI is reportedly in the final stages of development. Rockstar Games is said to be requiring developers to return to the office five days per week in April to help with security and productivity, and some developers say they are losing a lifeline with this measure.

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